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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 106

++ This week saw the anniversary of the MEK’s disastrous Forough Javidan (Eternal Light) operation. Several ex-members and internal critics published articles reminding us of the crime of sending untrained civilians into war. Many said this had been a deliberate attempt to get people killed rather than an attempt to kill Iranians and march on Tehran and the reason was that Iran and Iraq had signed a peace agreement. Rajavi, whose existence relies on war and violence, used the blood of his members to divert attention from this peace and keep the organisation together. Even before he launched the operation he famously stated “this is my insurance policy”. Now it is clear what he meant by that.

++ There were a few reactions to this week’s call by Israeli lobbyists and the MEK asking for the MEK to be armed. These comments all point out that they want to create the conditions for another Forough Javidan. That is, by arming the MEK in Camp Liberty this makes them a legitimate target for an attack in which many of them would be killed. Again Rajavi wants to use the blood of his members to divert attention from the nuclear agreement and keep his cult together by providing an external fight.

++ The Israeli right wing and MEK held joint demonstrations yesterday in Washington against the nuclear agreement demanding the Senate reject it. These are the pro-war lobby. Iranian papers reported this without surprise that the MEK, as mercenaries of Israel, were doing this.

++ The MEK reaction to the activities of Mostafa Mohammadi and Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad in Auvers-sur-Oise trying everything they can to get their daughters out of the grip of the MEK, has been to publish false reports in an attempt to overturn the turn of events and blame the fathers for the trouble, saying they had been arrested by the police. This even stretched to Yves Bonnet writing an article in the French Huffington Post full of lies which claimed the men were “agents of the Iranian regime”. The two fathers published a copy of the police report showing that they have made complaints, and also the report of the hospital showing the extent of their injuries at the hands of MEK thugs. The men have also written a compliant to the Huffington Post specifically for defaming Mohammadi who is a Canadian citizen and demanded the right to reply. They have published this on their weblog, but so far the Huffington Post has not responded.

In English:

++ Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers analyses the MEK’s reaction to the nuclear agreement. They are faced with spending millions of dollars trying to overturn the agreement through lobbying Congress. Maryam Rajavi has been forced to make a speech which is full of contradictions and hopelessness.

++ M. Reza Behnam in The Register-Guard, examines the complex history between the US and Iran. In it he identifies the role of the MEK in American attempts to destabilise Iran. “Washington’s efforts to destabilize the Iranian government have been ongoing. In 1996 and again in 2006, Congress authorized millions of dollars to aid groups opposed to the Iranian government. One such group, the Mujahedin-e-Khalq was put on the U.S. State Department foreign terrorist list in 1977. The MEK moved its operation to Iraq and allied itself with Saddam Hussein in the war against Iran. The group assisted Saddam in his bloody crackdown of the Iraqi Shia Muslims and Kurds. It is widely believed in Iran that the MEK, trained and armed by Israel’s Mossad, assassinated four Iranian nuclear scientists since 2010. Seen as a vehicle for regime change, the U.S. Congress voted to remove the MEK from the U.S. Foreign Terrorist Organization list in September 2012.”

++ Jon Schwarz in The Intercept poses the question’ Why Is Iran’s Refusal to Allow No-Notice Inspections Legit?’ and in answer examines the ‘U.S. History With Iraq’. He concludes: “So Iran’s refusal to allow snap inspections doesn’t prove that its leadership wants to conceal a nuclear weapons program. It more likely suggests that its leadership simply wants to preserve its conventional military and personally remain alive. This is especially plausible given that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was crippled in a 1981 assassination attempt carried by out the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, or MEK, an Iranian opposition organization that supported Iraq during the 1980s Iran-Iraq war. Making this even more threatening from Iran’s perspective, the MEK is now beloved by much of the U.S. foreign policy elite, and has apparently killed numerous Iranian nuclear scientists with Israeli funding and training. And if you hope Iran may simply be unaware of our use of arms control as cover for spying, think again: an Iranian spy in Baghdad at the time actually discovered what we were doing before even the UK, our closest ally. (Wonderfully enough, the UK only found out when it intercepted the Iranian spy’s message back to Tehran.)”

++ ‘Our story thus far: Another Mojahedin attack on two fathers and the sister of MEK’s captives’ is a report on the most recent events in Auvers-sur-Oise following a second violent attack on them by MEK thugs. “Outside of the station the Mojahedin men and women were gathered there with cameras and still yelling curses and swear words at us. This was our second complaint file we made towards them. We did not come to Paris to be attacked and treated this way. We came here begging to see our children. Why is it that to ask for the return of our child, or just plain contact with them is threatening these people so much?

What are they so afraid of that they are not allowing families to be in contact? Somayeh Mohammady was taken from Canada 18 years ago and we haven’t been able to even make a phone call with her for more than twelve years. Murders in prison have visiting rights but these people in the camp, the ones taken away from their lives are not even allowed a letter or phone call. How are we in the wrong to ask for the safety and happiness of our children?

We ask the people of France, nay, the people of the world to see the injustice in this and to help spread the word about these captors. Help our voices be heard. We are now living in fear as they are constantly posting threatening words on their websites and have followed us to our rented home in Paris. They have come to our apartment and handed out flyers filled with lies to everyone in our neighbourhood. They call us spies and people working for the Iranian government, but all we have ever wanted was the return of our child to their home. To take them back to where they belong and have always belonged. To live their lives be with their family and be happy if they can find meaning in that feeling anymore…”

 July 24, 2015

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