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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 109

++ The MEK continues to react to the nuclear deal. From the start until now the MEK have been dizzy. From one side they shout against the EU and US, repeating Netanyahu’s rants against the deal. On the other hand the Rajavis claim the deal represents ‘the defeat of Iran’ and ‘we forced them to sign this defeat’. Comments in Farsi say that Massoud Rajavi claiming such power as to have toppled Sarkozy in France, toppled Maliki in Iraq and that ‘we will topple Obama in the US’ is really ridiculous. Some say that although this is not the result of a sane mind and he really is delusional, but still this contradictory reaction shows that the MEK are really afraid they have lost everything they had since they had banked everything on the nuclear issue. However, from this week the MEK is officially moving from the nuclear issue to that of human rights, staging small pickets in Europe and North America to try to change the subject. The Farsi Commentariat identify the agenda of the MEK paymasters behind this rather than their own analysis and planning. The problem is that Western human rights organisations don’t want to be associated with the MEK because they have their own dirty history with Saddam Hussein and as cult. Instead the MEK has resorted to fabricating lies – using photos taken inside Iran of demonstrations and worker strikes and claiming these are MEK supporters inside Iran. Again, those who know them point out that this is not a new tactic, and say for example, this is how Iran Aid deceived the public into donating money; falsely claiming they were running refugee camps and saving all kinds of victims over the years. This activity is merely a symptom of the MEK trying to say they are still alive after the nuclear deal.

++ Nejat Association published a short two part interview with Byram Ali Mohammadi. In it he explains how, as a young teenager, he went to Turkey to find a job and while working in a car wash the MEK deceptively recruited him and took him to Iraq. Once there he found a way to run away but the MEK caught him and brought him back to their camp. As soon as he arrived in Tirana he escaped them and contacted his family who were able to help him and bring him back to Iran. He is the youngest and newest person to repatriate to Iran from Albania and there have been quite a few before him.

++ The MEK is still continuing its campaign of writing against the BBC using the names of various political prisoners in Iran. Farsi comments point out how ridiculous this is. It means that prisoners in Iran have access to satellite television to watch the BBC, then are then free to write a response using stock MEK invective and then post it to the UK! This means prisons in Iran are more open than anywhere else in the world. Other comments say that these nasty attacks on the BBC and Britain mean the MEK has given up after many years on the hope of getting a visa for Maryam Rajavi and have now childishly turned round to swear at the UK. Massoud Khodabandeh of Iran Interlink spoke with BBC Farsi about this issue. The producer said it was ‘unfortunate that when the BBC want to say something about the MEK and give them the opportunity to explain themselves, they always refuse, yet when we produce a programme which is irrelevant to them they come out and swear at us. However, the BBC understands its audience and their trust in us as well as their knowledge of the MEK and so it doesn’t affect us but only reveals the MEK’s madness.’

++ Following Mostafa Mohammadi’s activities in Auvers-sur-Oise to try to get his daughter back, the MEK continue to rant against him labelling him an agent of the Iranian regime. In addition this week the MEK have broadcast a video of Somayeh Mohammdi swearing at her family. It is clear from her behaviour that this is forced and that swearing at her own mother is not something she can easily do. The Mohammadi family are now back in Canada. Mostafa published an open letter to his daughter Somayeh saying that as we know you, we can see this does not come from your own thoughts and feelings and is forced. He continues, ‘however, me and your mother, your two brothers and your sister sat together and watched it over and over again. It made us very happy to see that you are OK. And we noticed that Maryam Rajavi has been forced to give you some civilian clothes to appear in. Although these are not exactly what she buys for herself from the Champs Elysees, we see it as a step toward your freedom that you have abandoned wearing military clothes.’ The letter continues, ‘if you do get to hear about this letter, my message is to maintain your hope and I promise we will meet again despite everything that Rajavi is doing and saying’.

In English:

++ In several articles promoting the nuclear deal, the MEK is cited as a deceptive and destructive element in opposing it.

++ An article by Mazda Parsi of Nejat Association discusses recent examples of the destructive and dangerous aspects of the MEK’s cult activities. He identifies the cases of Mostafa Mohammadi and Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad at Auvers-sur-Oise in which the MEK used public violence to try to silence them. The article refers to the Family Survival Trust as “a reliable and informed source on the cults since they professionally deal with a large number of case studies being abused by different cults. FST’s website proposes, ‘What damaging cults have in common is their vindictive abusiveness and their dissociative totalitarianism’.” Parsi links this with an interview with Ebrahim Khodabandeh who is a leading cult expert in Iran in which he says the MEK tells lies to recruit members then brainwashes them to tell lies themselves.

++ Iran’s Fars News Agency reported the visit of Iran’s Deputy Head of the Human Rights Headquarters for International Affairs Kazzem Qaribabadi to Baghdad. During meetings with officials from Iraq’s Judiciary and Human Rights ministries, Qaribabadi called for the complete expulsion of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization terrorist group members from Iraq and expressed Iran’s appreciation of Iraq’s stance toward the MEK. “He underlined the necessity for joint cooperation in fighting terrorism at international circles, hailing Iraq’s campaign against the terrorist groups, specially the ISIL”, the report said.

August 21, 2015

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