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How Terrorist Cults recruit their members, Part 1

We have had a report by an ex terrorist member of a dangerous Cult group, based in Iraq, which has been able to escape from the clenches of the Terrorists and disclosed some the tactics used by them to recruit young people.

The Terrorist Cult group is called Mujahidin-e Khalq Iran known also as MEK or PMOI. This Terrorist Cult organization is led by Masoud Rajavi which has gone to hiding since US led coalition forces occupied Iraq in 2003. MEK was financed, armed and supported by Saddam Hossein the Iraqi dictator. MEK’s terrorism was mainly targeted aims inside Iran and helped Saddam Hossein to suppress the Kurdish rebellion during the first Gulf war.

Mr. Yaser Ezati, now lives in Cologne Germany. He disclosed that his father took him and his mother to the MEK Cult when he was 5 years old.

“My father used to beat me and my mother, since my mother did not share my father’s line of thinking but she was forced to stay with the Cult until she was killed in the Cults suicidal attack to Iran from Iraq where 1400 cult members were killed.  “

Eight years old Yaser having lost his mother, lost his complete support and was sent to Europe to be brought up by some Cults members and supporters, which had very difficult time and reportedly was beaten up by the families.

A few years later to wash Yaser’s mind to convince him to go to Iraq and Join the Terrorism, MEK Forged a hand writing claiming his mother’s last will, demanding Yaser to take up arms and fight in Iraq.

With this mentality Yaser was taken to Auvers Sur Oise north of Paris the Headquarters of MEK, to meet to be briefed by Maryam Rajavi the Cult Co-Leader to go back to Iraq as Yaser’s mother demanded in her will. Yaser was sent to Iraq when he was 17.

In Iraq, Yaser soon found out that he has been deceived, especially that he witnessed the child abuse inside the Cult and demanded to leave MEK.

“My father used to beat me to death every time I demanded to leave MEK”, Yaser reported.” I told my father that I do not believe in Masoud Rajavi who claims to be Caliphe of the Muslim world. My father told me he will burn me to death if I decide to leave, and I responded, you can do anything you wish, as you do to other members of the Cult when they demand to leave the Cult, but I will not stay in Iraq,”

which resulted in his imprisonment. Yaser’s father is well known for torturing the dissident members who opposed Masoud Rajavi’s Caliphate rule.

Mr. Yaser luckily escaped MEK when Iraq was occupied by the allied forces and US took control of the MEK’s Camp Ashraf. Mr. Yaser also adds that this is the story of hundreds of Children that are being forced to stay inside the Cult. Some have committed suicides due to the great pressure inside the cult resulting from the daily brainwash.

Some have been used in the terrorist activities while they were under aged. Some have been used to commit suicide in London in front of French Embassy in 2003 when Maryam Rajavi was arrested by the French Judiciary for Terrorism and Money Laundry and human trafficking.

Judit Neurink a writer has written a book based on reports of Yaser Ezati form inside the MEK terrorist cult called, “Misled Martyrs: How Iranian terrorists became America’s best friends” (Persian Edition) (Persian) Paperback – January 12, 2009

She writes:

An Iranian woman sets herself alight outside of the French embassy in London. She sacrifices her life for the freedom of her leader, Maryam Rajavi, after her arrest by the French police on terrorism and fraud charges. She is one of at least ten members of Rajavi’s Iranian resistance group, the Mujahedin Khalq, who set themselves on fire in protest at the treatment of their adored leader. These events made me wonder how people reach the point where they believe that giving up their lives will benefit their leader. How did the political organization of God’s Fighters of the People become a sect? What happened to the members for them to allow this to happen? Since there has not been much independently published on the group, I spoke to former members, visited their meetings and tried to find out how a political organization changes into a cult. I also followed Yasser Ezati trying to get released from the tentacles of the Mujahedin Khalq and I researched modern terrorism; are the Mujahedin Khalq a terrorist group, how do they compare with the groups in the Al-Qaida network, why do people think they need violence and terror to assist their case, how can believers, obsessed with good and evil, become murderers?

By: D.B. Arshad, nototerrorism-cults.com

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