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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 113

++ The Mojahedin Khalq cult has announced that it will hold a demonstration on 28th September in New York to protest President Rouhani’s attendance at the UN General Assembly. The demonstration is in the usual place and will give the MEK a photo op as tens of people gather with hundreds of banners. Over the past few years the MEK has held joint demonstrations with right-wing Israelis in order to boost numbers. This year, the turnout is less predictable due to the serious panic among the right wing of Israel over the resolution of the nuclear issue.

++ Several more people have written extensively about the 50th anniversary of the founding of the MEK. These articles further expose the long, dirty history of the cult which the MEK is trying not to mention.

++ The families have visited Camp Liberty again this week to demand contact with their loved ones. UN officials are putting greater pressure on the MEK to comply with this obligation, but the MEK remains intransigent.

In English:

Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers has written an analysis of the MEK’s false claims after the cult’s propaganda website published a video about what it calls a “widespread campaign of MEK supporters in Iran”, in which its supporters “have carried out an extensive campaign across Iran to mark the MEK’s 50th anniversary”. Parsi says “what the video shows seems really ridiculous and ludicrous…” with small pictures posted in empty streets or ignored by passers-by. The article includes testimony from Ms Sahar Adibzadeh, a former member of the MEK, who recounts her experience of working as a cult recruiter in Iran.

++ Former MEK member Zahra Moeini wrote an open letter to Isabelle Mezieres, mayor of Auvers Sure Oise. In addition to supporting the petitions of families for help in contacting their loved ones who are trapped in the MEK cult by Maryam Rajavi, the letter outlines some of the serious human rights abuses which this cult continues to commit in France as well as elsewhere.

++ Sahar Family Foundation reported that 24 family members of people trapped in the MEK cult in Camp Liberty in Iraq, from Iranian provinces of Yazd, Khuzestan, and Khorasan-e Razavi, who had come to Iraq to visit their relatives, went to the closed gates of the camp on Monday 14th September. “Local officials did not allow reporters or cameras into the area. The only films and photos in hand have been taken by one of the local workers. Some families were not happy to be shown in a photo which is respected.

“The cult leaders responded to the presence of the families and threatened the UN and Iraqi officials that if the families do not leave the place they would stop sending residents to Albania.

“The leaders of the cult made it clear to the officials of the UN and Iraqi authorities that they would under no circumstances allow the residents to visit their families and described it as being beyond imagination.

“Massoud Rajavi’s fear of the cult members visiting their families is quite understandable. He knows well that within cultic relationships; if the suppressed emotions are awakening, the effects of brainwashing would fade away and the individuals would go back to normality.”

++ Sahar Family Foundation quoted by Nejat Bloggers describes the MEK’s claim that Camp Liberty residents each have a Facebook account over which their families can contact them as “an outrageus lie”. The MEK is renowned as a closed cult which holds it members incommunicado in several locations in the world as well as Camp Liberty. The MEK suggestion that members have access to the internet is itself gobsmacking.

“On one hand, leaders of the Cult of Rajavi (the MKO) claim that the entire Camp residents themselves abstain from meeting their families, on the other hand they allege that all residents have Facebook accounts to contact their families. As a matter of fact, making fake personal Facebook accounts with the identity information and photos of liberty residents is a simple tactic for the MKO propaganda to deceive the UN officials.”

++ Sahar Family Foundation reported that in spite of severe restrictions at Camp Liberty on Monday, the 24 family members – whose identities had to be verified with UN officials – were able to visit the camp gates and petition to meet their loved ones. Although no reporters or camera were allowed at the camp, an Iraqi newspaper ran a front page item on the visit along with a photograph of the families.

The transcript is as follows:

Kul Al-Akhbaar Iraqi Daily (front page) – Mon Sept 7, 2015

Based on Human Dignity

The families of Iranians captured inside Camp Liberty desire to visit their children

Baghdad – Kul Al-Akhbaar

“Some Iraqi civil societies as well as families of the Iranians captured inside Camp Liberty in Baghdad by the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization demanded visiting their loved ones. These societies urged the Iraqi government, based on human dignity, to arrange meetings between the families and their children who are captives inside the cult for many years.

“It is worth mentioning that the extremist MKO has committed terrorist crimes against the two nations of Iraq and Iran in the past decades. This organization turned to become a tool in the hand of the previous Iraqi regime (the regime of Saddam Hussein) to be used anytime anywhere anyhow.

“Iraqi Daily Kul Al-Akhbaar publishes this humanitarian demand and urges the Iraqi government to adopt a serious action to arrange meetings between the families and their captured children.”

September 18, 2015

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