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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 117

++ Iranian news agencies continued to translate statements by Senator John McCain and others in support of the MEK, enjoying McCain’s continuous gaffes as he speaks out in support of terrorism. Iranian media claim this as a victory for Iran and a defeat for the Americans.

++ Irandidban website published an analysis which welcomed Rajavi’s move into the human rights arena. According to this writer, the MEK have been pushed back from Iraq, the nuclear issue and working for Mossad to the point they are now reduced to working in the human rights field. This demonstrates how successful ex members have been in curtailing the MEK to this point. Now, however, the MEK presents a dilemma for Western human rights groups who will have to deal with this notorious savage cult taking a place among them.

++ In addition to the report that 56 residents were transferred from temporary transit camp Liberty to Albania, today another group of twenty have also made the journey. This totals 76 people in the last eight days. Reports from Iraq indicate this process will continue and the MEK imposed blockade has opened up. The MEK’s silence over this shows how frightened they are.

++ The website Pejvak Iran, belonging to MEK internal critic Iraj Mesdaghi, has published a rant against Iran Interlink and the people who work in it with such bad language (of a sexual nature) that it was impossible to post it on the Farsi site. The rant claims to be from a person with the pseudonym ‘akhlaghi’ who asserts that ‘while I was Googling my name [WTF you Googled your pseudonym! Ed.], I discovered that Iran Interlink has republished one of my articles and this is my response’. Iran Interlink certainly did publish that piece as we publish many other comments and articles. Such a strong response proved interesting for the Farsi Commentariat, many of whom remarked, mostly on Facebook, that nobody in the world would use such bad language as this except the MEK. Since this is not the first time that Mesdaghi and others who claim to have left the MEK use the same hideous language to attack Iran Interlink whenever they find an excuse, it is clear they are in direct contact with the MEK and haven’t left at all. Bamshad Tabnak suggested in his comment on this issue that Rajavi has become so desperate in the face of Iran Interlink, Nejat and others, that he permits members of his Intel section to pose as critics of the MEK and attack his organisation if, at the same time, they viciously and virulently attack his real critics and ex members. (Rajavi can’t attack anyone directly because nobody cares what he says.) Certainly, akhlaghi’s apparent ultra-sensitivity which provoked his hysterical rant indicates a more complex purpose behind his writing. In addition, it should be noted that some weeks ago, Iraj Mesdaghi was asked in an interview about being an ‘ex member’. He replied that ‘I am not ashamed of working for the MEK, in fact I am proud of it’.

In English:

++ Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers writes about the MEK’s glee over strained relations between Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, saying the MEK has jumped on the Mina incident to stir up trouble on behalf of the KSA. “The West is actively assisting the Saudi monarchy while the country indiscriminately kills thousands of civilians in Yemen in what amounts to war crimes by almost anyone’s definition. To obey its western masters and to flatter its main sponsor in the region the MKO turns blind eye to the most horrific atrocities against humanity. However, it claims to advocate human rights and democracy for the Iranian people. What counts for the MKO to make allies is only money. As far as the group is financially supported by Saudis, the MKO media serves as their “fan Club”.”

++ An article by Tony Cartalucci in Global Research titled ‘The Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK): The US Prepares to Back a New Terrorist Army in Iran, Prelude to a Wider War?’ says support for the MEK in the US Congress is part of US “attempts to extort a settlement in Syria built on regime-change” for which “US senators and generals conspire to arm and back a new terrorist army aimed at Iran.”

++ Nejat Society reports one reaction to Maryam Rajavi’s claims on the occasion of World Day Against the Death Penalty: “Foad Basri is a defector of the MKO cult who hasn’t given up condemning the cult leaders in social networks. This is his Facebook status on October 11th, 2015:

‘A video on the MKO website titled: ‘Tomorrow without Death Penalty’ called a memory to my mind. I remember a meeting in Baharestan hall in Baghdad [when he was a member of the MKO]. Massoud Rajavi was walking on the stage, smoking a cigarette, when he said, ‘Anyone who wants to leave us, I mean in Baghdad, I myself issue his death sentence. In Iraq, we can do everything but unfortunately we cannot afford it, abroad. I allocate a place in [camp] Ashraf and I [will] personally execute the mercenary renegades so that you do not think I’m kidding.’ (!)”

++ Nejat Society reports that “Human Rights activists held a rally in front of the European Parliament in Brussels to denounce the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO). Honoring the World Day against Death Penalty, the participants of the rally who all used to be high ranking members of the MKO, carried pictures and placards to reveal the true face of the group.”

++ Nejat Society reports: 56 more Liberty Residents transferred to Albania

“During the last week, 56 residents of Temporary Transit Location relocated in Tirana in three groups of 20, 19 and 17 individuals.

“Following the nonstop efforts of Mujahedin –e Khalq hostages’ families and their continuous pleas to the international human rights bodies, the relocation process of TTL residents has accelerated. The moving process resumed after two months halt.

“Ex- members of the group believe that the leaders of MKO Cult are determined to continue their manipulation practices on members in Tirana as they refuse to publish the names of those who are relocated.”

 October 16, 2015

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