Lobbyist Wesley Martin: Massoud Rajavi injured 2003, now in France



Senator Manchin: What has happened to the leader of MEK? I know Maryam Radjavi is the leader now. What happened to her husband, Massoud? We haven’t heard from him since 2003. Does anybody know what happened to him?

Colonel Martin: Sir, he was wounded in an attack.

Senator Manchin: Is he alive? Is he still alive?

Colonel Martin: The information I have, yes, sir.

Senator Manchin: Is he in the camp? CampLiberty?

Colonel Martin: No, sir, he is not.

Senator Manchin: In the United States?

Colonel Martin: No, sir.

Senator Manchin: He’s somewhere.

Colonel Martin: He’s in — the information I’ve been provided, he’s in France.

Senator Manchin: He’s not consider the leader anymore?

Colonel Martin: He is still the co-leader with Maryam Radjavi.

Senator Manchin: But, she’s the front person.

Colonel Martin: She is the person that is with all the activities, all the events, yes, sir. She is the leader…


Senate, Armed Forces Hearing,

Link to the video (From 1:12:20)



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