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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 119

++ One of the MEK members killed in Camp Liberty last week was named as Hossein Abrishamchi, brother of leading member Mehdi Abrishamchi. Hossein is notorious as a wanted man in Iran. While the MEK were still active in Iran, he headed the MEK’s ‘engineering operation’ which was involved in torture. The MEK would send any of its captives who might have valuable information to the ‘engineers’ who would torture them for information.

++ Massoud Rajavi issued an internal message to his followers in response to the attack on Camp Liberty. In it he says ‘the resistance will continue and we will kill all our enemies’. The indoctrination message is an instruction to the residents to remain in Iraq and get killed. Contrary to anybody’s expectation, Rajavi claims the attack was a victory for his organisation. He says ‘they came to kill all of us and they couldn’t. Compared to what they wanted to do, killing only 25 is nothing!’. After this, Maryam Rajavi repeated this message saying ‘we will kill Iraqis and Iranians’. Then Mehdi Abrishamchi, her former husband, announced the same. None of even symbolically asked for the remaining people to be taken to safety.

++ Massoud Khodabandeh was interviewed by Bijan Farhoodi for Kayhan London on the subject of Camp Liberty. Khodabandeh said the main problem for the camp are the Rajavis. If they are taken out of the equation, this could easily be resolved. He said the families of the residents are desperate to have contact with their loved ones and have offered to take them out of the country at their own expense. The families also demand to know the names of the approximately 200 individuals injured in the attack, and are concerned that two of the dead have not yet been identified. Khodabandeh says this latter concern arises from the previous attack on the camp in September 2013. In that attack, defected member Massoud Dalili was identified only by DNA. He had previously escaped the camp but was captured by MEK operatives and taken back as a hostage where he was killed and his face so badly injured he could not be visually recognised.

+ Iraqi MP, Ms Hanan Fatlavi and several others protested the situation of Camp Liberty, saying ‘these remains of Saddam’s regime have been imposed on us by the West since 2003. The amount of money and resources spent on this group is far in excess of that given to our own displaced citizens. Their backers need to urgently take them away as we have enough problems of our own.’

In English:

++ Sahar Family Foundation in Baghdad reported that [for the first time since 2003] the UN has issued a hotline and email address so that families of Camp Liberty residents can make enquiries.

++ Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers: “’The Cult of Rajavi, a Proxy Force Kept for Rainy Day’

For decades the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia have been trying to take advantage of the chaotic situations created by civil wars. They did this by training and equipping proxy forces. The result of this catastrophic tactic has so far been huge casualties and loss of lives in the region. One of the most instrumental proxy forces used against the Iranian Government is the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ the Cult of Rajavi). The group itself has made too much effort to gain the support of the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia although its hostility towards the Islamic Republic seems to be convincing enough for the Saudis and Zionists.”

 November 06, 2015

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