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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 123

++ Nader Naderi in France has published an article about the 24 Camp Liberty residents killed in a recent attack, saying Massoud Rajavi is responsible for their deaths because he would not allow them to leave the camp. Naderi identified 14 out of the 24 as being “on a list of those to be transferred to Albania”. He asks “given the random nature of the attack, is it not somehow too much of a coincidence that so many of them were killed all together?”

++ The MEK are now on overdrive to support President Erdogan claiming that Russia is targeting Turkish aid work with its bombing raids. The Farsi Commentariat points out that the MEK are keen to denounce Russia and President Putin and to side with Turkey because they are afraid of being left out in the cold. The MEK has jumped from supporting one government to another in an attempt to find a new benefactor. Last time it was Saudi Arabia.

++ The MEK reacted after Iraq’s parliament vowed to support the families of Camp Liberty residents. The UN and the government of Iraq are now coming to the conclusion they should by-pass the MEK heads and deal directly with individual residents. This is the worst nightmare of the MEK. The MEK has tried to reanimate some of its old lobbyists in Iraq and send them to the American embassy in Baghdad. Alongside this they have published a petition signed in only a few days by “millions of Iraqis”, and another petition by “thousands of Iraqi lawyers and lawmakers”, but without any names.

Former MEK Arabic translator, Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad, has published screenshots of these items from the MEK’s websites and has patiently worked through many ‘letters of support from Iraqi lawyers’, correcting the mistakes in their Arabic. Clearly they are not written by Arabic speakers. Hossein Nejad jokes, “I used to write such letters while I was with the MEK, and since the MEK have found nobody to replace me, I find myself doing the same work for them now that I have left!”

++ The MEK is still trying to find someone, anyone, whose name is not associated with the MEK to declare that it is the right of Camp Liberty residents to demand to stay in Iraq. To say, it is not Rajavi’s fault since 2003, because they are adults and can make up their own minds. One such fossil, resurrected after many years, is Hossein Farshid, who lives as Hossein Pouya in London, who is a member of the so-called NCRI. Farshid has written to say the residents “must stay there and give blood, or else they would have to give up the name and title of ‘Mojahed’”. Former MEK member, Mohammad Razaghi, wrote a short note exposing Farshid’s decades of sitting on the side-line doing the MEK’s dirty work and getting paid per page for it without being willing to sacrifice anything himself.

Outside the MEK, Farshid claims he is forced to do this because two of his daughters are Rajavi’s hostages. However, Razaghi accuses him, “you are lying through your teeth. First, I know you are being paid. And second, remember the meeting in which we were both present and your daughter stood up in front of thousands of members and denounced you. She said, ‘When you visited Baghdad as a member of the NCRI and I was in Camp Ashraf, I wanted to meet with you but you refused. Why didn’t you ask to see me? I would have come. Apparently, you are afraid of Massoud Rajavi criticising you for not undergoing the Ideological Revolution’.” Razaghi then reminds Farshid of what he publicly replied, “At that time you told her ‘No, I’m not afraid. Rajavi needs people like me to save his ass outside of Iraq because we are clever at whitewashing for him’.”

In English:

Several items dealt with the efforts by families of Camp Liberty residents and their supporters to get progress in the rescue of their loved ones from the clutches of the cult. Iraq’s parliament has pledged to do everything it can to help. There are indications that the UN and Iraqi officials responsible for the camp will now begin to by-pass the MEK heads and deal directly with each individual resident in line with international norms relating to refugees.

++ Iran Interlink exposed Massoud Rajavi’s fraudulent campaign to obfuscate over the issue of Camp Liberty. An MEK banner demands ‘Issue Visas for us to visit our children in Camp Liberty’. Iran Interlink asked the Iraqi Foreign ministry about this. The reply was simple, “Ask for a Visa and if rejected, then you can protest. Iraq is more than happy to issue Visas, especially if it is for reunion between families. We also welcome any help given to remove the residents of Camp Liberty out of Iraq”. Another banner demands money. Massoud Khodabandeh said, “Considering the resettlement of MEK members from Iraq to Albania is financed by the United Nations (and partly by the Iraqi Government), Rajavi’s message could not be more clear. ‘Pay me more if you expect me to release the hostages in Camp Liberty’.”

++ Massoud Bani Sadr writes in Fair Observer, ‘How Do Terrorist Groups and Cults Attract Followers? – Knowingly or unknowingly, we may be supporting and promoting groups like Daesh instead of crippling and destroying them’. The article uses the MEK as the example of why we should not attack Daesh and other terrorist groups according to their ideologies. “I am referring to our governments, our police, our old and established media and even those who claim to be fighting cults and terrorism. They too, in some cases, by calling these groups Muslim or jihadist and by attacking their doctrine, knowingly or unknowingly support and promote them instead of crippling and ultimately destroying them.”

++ Nejat Society, Alborz branch had a heart-warming meeting with two recently escaped MEK hostages, Fereydoun Ebrahimi and Bayramali Mohammadi, and their families. Ebrahimi introduced himself declaring why and how he joined the group: “In 2000, I emigrated to Turkey for sewing; the work I was proficient at. After a month I met a man who said he could send me to Europe via Iraqi border providing me with a good job and residency. I was fascinated by his false propaganda. In a week he provided my documents. Then I was transferred to Iraq and Camp Ashraf. At the Camp the commandants of the group convinced me that I had to wait for two years to be transferred to Europe.

“However, they kept me at the group camps for 14 years without any contact with the outside world. I tolerated many physical and mental pressures within the Cult. At last in March 2015 I managed to release myself. At Camp Liberty I introduced myself to the Iraqi forces and UN members in Camp Liberty. I contact my family as soon as I stepped out of the Cult camp. Then I moved to Turkey and there I could visit my family members after so long years. After Turkey I immigrated to Germany. Although I was decided to stay there, when I heard about my mother’s illness, In October 2015 I repatriated. Now I am married and work at my brother’s shop.“

 December 04, 2015

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