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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 137

++ Deutsche Welle published three interviews in Albanian concerning the Mojahedin Khalq presence in that country. Titled ‘It would be wrong to ignore the Mojahedin in Albania’ Anne Khodabandeh’s interview stresses her concern that unless the MEK is disbanded and the members treated as individual refugees, these radicalised terrorists could re-create the cultic training camps which exist in other countries which host the MEK. The danger would be if the MEK, as mercenaries, offered their training and logistical support to other terrorist groups. German-Iranian expert Ali Sadrzadeh suggested that the Americans chose to resettle the MEK organisation in Albania because that country’s relations with Iran are not strong. Moving the whole group to a Western European country would have created problems at a time they are trying to adjust their relations with Iran following the joint nuclear agreement. He dismisses any terrorist threat from the MEK because the group said it had renounced violence and the members are old. Sadrzadeh says the MEK will continue with its internet propaganda from Albania. The third interview, with MEK member Farzin Bahadur Goudarzi introduced as the PR representative, reveals clearly that the MEK have set up an extra-judicial enclave in the country. At their base “A camera records everyone who enters and exits from the iron gate opened and closed from inside.” Gourdarzi claims to fear for his life because the Iranian authorities would come after him if only they knew he was there!

++ Awaa Association published a two-part video of a meeting of former MEK members in Cologne to mark International Women’s Day. Representative from several Societies and Associations met together.

++ On the occasion of Chahar Shanbe Suri Maryam Rajavi broadcast her usual incitements to violence for the people of Iran. Days ahead, critics were already asking her not to be embarrassing because no-one listens to her. Some even pointed out that if Maryam Rajavi thinks anyone does listen, why not ask them to rise up on any other day of the year? There is no skill in asking people to come out on to the streets during a public celebration! ‘It’s like telling people to take their socks off before they go to bed’ quipped one commentator.

++ Davoud Baqervand Arshad participated in a meeting in Geneva organised by UN Watch. He posted a brief in Farsi in the No to Terrorism website.

++ There has been further negative reaction to the writings and ramblings of Parviz Khazai (NCRI representative for Scandinavia). As the days pass his writing becomes more disgusting. People ask, ‘where is it going with this kind of base language?’ On the other hand, commentators note that Khazai heaps praise on Massoud Rajavi and calls him the ‘Commander-in-Chief of the National Liberation Army of Iran’ –  a title Rajavi doesn’t even accord himself these days.

++ Milad Ariyaee of Ghalam (Pen) Association wrote a short note called ‘The Last Strategy’. It consists of headline reminders of Rajavi’s failures and losses – from Iran to France to Iraq and now to Albania. Every time, says Ariyaee, the MEK brings some justification to delude themselves. He wonders how they will explain themselves now they are in Albania. He ends saying “no wonder Rajavi doesn’t come out of his hiding hole!”

In English:

++ Mazda Parsi writes in Nejat Bloggers about the MEK’s approach to women’s rights. “The MKO considers ‘the political and cultural landscape for Iranian women as incredibly poor’ while female defectors of the group everyday reveal new dimensions of women’s rights abuses committed in the cult-like system of the group.”

++ Anne Khodabandeh’s interview with Deutsche Welle is published in English.

++ Nejat Society has written a letter to the UN office in Tehran explaining about the cultic abuse inside the MEK and asking for more to be done to ensure families can contact their loved ones in the MEK.

March 18, 2016

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