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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 179

++ Farsi articles about the MEK have noted that the group has been silent about Trump’s Muslim ban and other issues, contrary to the usual habit of commenting on everything under the sun. Instead they have been on overdrive to insist that President Trump will attack Iran very soon and there is no alternative and no way back. Apart from the usual commentary about their mercenary habits which everyone knows by now, one of the commentators has said that ‘if you have already got the money and you are asking Americans to bomb the houses of your mothers and siblings in Iran then good luck to you. This is all you have ever been or will be. But, if you are doing this on a Hire Purchase basis and believe that after killing your mothers and sisters the Americans will pay you afterwards then you are greater fools than we thought you were. Everyone knows you can’t trust Trump even as you couldn’t count on Saddam.’

++ Iranian media and Farsi outlets have translated comments made by Rudi Giuliani, in particular an interview with Fox News in which Giuliani claims to be the author of the Executive order banning immigration from seven mainly Muslim countries. At the same time, Giuliani visited Israel to pass a private message from Trump to Netanyahu. While doing this, he and the usual MEK lobbyists, have refrained from acknowledging the MEK. The MEK have tried to get their former advocates to mention them in some way, but this has been ignored. Placing this news alongside Trump’s vow to fight ISIS, to stop lobbying companies interfering in American politics, and the news of the visit by the French foreign minister to Iran this week where his country was criticised for allowing the MEK to work freely in France, the MEK are facing a severe setback. Several commentators this week point out that Rajavi and his people will be forced to relocate to Washington or Tel Aviv. Since the US is closed to them they will eventually have to go to Israel.

++ Since the Albanian foreign minister visited Iran and the MEK was forced to read a letter from Massoud Rajavi to calm the atmosphere of ensuing panic, the chaos and desertions in Tirana have continued to get worse. This week the French foreign minister also visited Iran forcing the MEK controllers to keep rounding people up and telling them the latest message from Massoud Rajavi – don’t panic, don’t leave. Former MEK members and those in Albania are writing about these sessions. One, Fanous Association, wrote an article whose title is self-explanatory: ‘A séance every day to raise the ghost of Rajavi’.

In English:

++ Iran’s Tasnim News reports that Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, President of the Supreme National Defense University of Iran, said the Takfiri (extremist) movement’s scheme to prevent Iran’s regional influence included looking for intelligence aid from the terrorist MEK.

++ Nejat Society reported that Majid Rajabi Shahrestani has spoken out about his experiences after managing to free himself from the clutches of the Rajavi cult. He told Nejat that after being tricked by deceptive recruiters from the MEK, he had wasted fifteen years of his life within the cult camps in Iraq until he was transferred to Albania where he escaped. His brother, an active member of Nejat Society, had worked hard to rescue him and is now happy to know that he is free.

++ Habilian Association – representing victims of MEK terrorist attacks – has established an Albanian language website with the intention of providing news, analysis and documents on crimes conducted by the MEK “in order to enlighten the [sic] public opinion in Albania about the true nature of the MEK and make the Albanian people aware of the threats posed to them by this terrorist group”.

++ Yassamine Mather’s article ‘Trump threatens N-deal (Hands Off the People of Iran)’, published in Weekly Worker, London examines the Trump administration’s belligerent stance toward Iran, including its flirting with support for the MEK. The article concludes that the Iranian working-class needs to raise its voice and “reboot Hands Off the People of Iran”.

++ Iran Zanan Association, Germany, has written an Open Letter to the Minister of the Interior of Albania, Saimir Tahiri. The letter hopes that better relations between Iran and Albaina will encourage him “not to allow the leaders and operatives of this [MEK] cult to use your country for repression and suppression of those stranded and stuck members like they did in Ashraf and liberty garrisons in Iraq and take away tranquillity and peace from your people and your country. We have urged you many times not to allow the leaders and the operatives of this notorious cult to speak for those stuck and stranded members, we are urging you to accommodate them as individual figures in your country”.

February 03, 2017

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