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MKO’s Troublemaker

"Terrorists, mostly from Baathists and the members of terrorist MKO, try to divide Shia and Sunni muslims and to ignite the fire of clashes between Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens living in Dyala province," said Taha Dor’ Al-Sa’di, representative of Dyalah people in Iraqi parliament.

He pointed to the destructive role of MKO in the region, adding: "The former regime used this group to suppress the Kurds in the north and Shias in the south during 90s. After the ouster of regime, this organization took advantage of instability to boost its position in the country."

"The presence of this group in Iraq harms both Iran-Iraq relations and honor of Iraqis."

"Iraqi governing council approved a decision to expel the members of MKO from Iraq but the decision has not been executed yet. It’s now the time to put it into practice and expel the people who killed Iraqi people. As the representatives of Iraqi people, we will do our best to expel them although there are some in the parliament who back this group," he went on to say.

This member of Iraqi parliament also declared: "American forces don’t care about the security issues in Dyala province; this has raised questions because the terrorists in this province don’t target American forces anymore while tens of Iraqi citizens are being killed each day. US forces support professional terrorists and when they Iraqi security forces arrest such people, Americans release them."

"Iraqi Unity Coalition has asked the parliament to form a committee to prevent violence and improve security situation in Dyala because massacring people, terror and kidnapping happens on daily basis and more than 1000 families have left this region," he added.

Then he referred to the death of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and said: "His successor is also in this province and more than 1000 terrorists, including Baathists and MKO members, have scattered around the region conducing terrorist operations."

"There are good relations between the followers of different religions in various parts of Dyala and tribal people try to prevent terrorism."

Al-Alam news channel  – 2006/07/18

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