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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 195

++ News has emerged that Rajavi has made desperate efforts to persuade Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to attend Villepinte on Saturday, 1st July. Many Farsi open letter writers have been warning him not to sell the Palestinian people for Saudi money. Abbas met with Rajavi last year and was widely and severely criticised for taking money from the Saudis to do their bidding. His representative in Tehran later tried to perform damage limitation, but stopped short of apologising. Instead it was said that Abbas had no choice but to do this as he was under serious pressure from many sides.

++ This week marked the 30th anniversary of Saddam Hussein and Massoud Rajavi dropping chemical weapons on the Iranian Kurdish city of Sardasht. Documents have emerged which reveal that the Americans now admit they supported this bombardment. They also admit that if they had not supported Saddam and Rajavi, the next chemical attack on Halabja (in Iraqi Kurdistan) would not have happened. Many have linked this with current American support for ISIS and the MEK as well as the use of chemicals by terrorists in Syria which the Americans claim, without direct evidence, are being deployed by the Syrian. Commentators remind us that it was claimed Saddam didn’t bomb Sardasht and that the Iranians were dropping bombs on themselves.

++ Many families have expressed their disgust with the French government for harbouring Rajavi and allowing the glorification of terror and violence from Paris.

++ Over this week, daily picketing and leafletting has taken place in various locations across Paris to expose what is really going on in Villepinte on Saturday. Former members also attended a couple of meetings in the European Parliament.

In English:

++ Nejat Society published the letter of the families of the members of MEK (Rajavi cult) in Albania to the UNHCR and the Interior Ministry. They say, “We learned that the Rajavi cult is trying to replicate the conditions it imposed on the group in Iraq and wants to move all the members to a remote location in Albania where they can be kept in total isolation. This means that their contact with the outside world and the families would be almost impossible.

“We also learned that the individual UN refugee allowances of all the members who have been accepted into Albania as refuges are being paid directly to the MEK organization, and this even includes those who have left the cult. This means that these people are forced still to be dependent on the cult and have to obey the cult’s dictates as before.”

++ Press TV Documentary broadcast a video on YouTube called ‘The Insanity Season’. The film deals primarily with a newly-produced Iranian movie called “Midday Event” which portrays the MKO terrorist group after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979.

++ Massoud Khodabandeh writes in Huffington Post ‘Under President Macron, France can play a pivotal role in Western relations with Iran’. The article focuses on MEK involvement in the recent ISIS attacks on Tehran and asks how a group with links to current terrorism, which advocates for violent regime change can be allowed to broadcast its propaganda from France. With a new President in France and the possibility to send them to Albania, writes Khodabandeh, there may be a chance at last to expel the MEK from Auvers-sur-Oise.

++ Another piece from Massoud Khodabandeh in the Huffington Post questions the veracity of claims by MEK supporter Gérard Deprez that 265 parliamentarians support Rajavi’s MEK. Where is the list of signatories, he asks.

June 30, 2017


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