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Nejat Society’s press conference in Paris

Calling for help to rescue the captured ones in Camp Ashraf on Friday September twenty seconds, at ten O’clock Nejat Society held a press conference in Paris.

The delegation of NejatNGO including seven persons, described the situation of the captured ones in the camp of Rajavi’s Cult.

Mr. Chevalrias, the chief of anti-terrorism research center, started the meeting introducing Nejat Society. Then Mr. Babak Amin, as the representative of the delegation presented a background of Nejat’s activities, pointing out the results of the activities and the increasing development of families claims to liberate their beloved ones. He also explained the activities of Nejat Society during last week in Paris such as meetings with governmental or nongovernmental officials and human rights centers and press ..

Arash Sametipour, Ali Moradi, Ali Asghar torabi, Zahra bozorgmehr, Masumeh Rezaiee and Nasrin dadkhah presented some explanations on future planned affairs of Nejat NGO.

They told that their trip was welcomed warmly and the Society will send other delegations to Europe and North America regularly.

While answering the questions, Mr.Amin affirmed that they will open offices of Nejat Society in Western countries.

Mr. Moradi, who was a war-prisoner during Iran-Iraq war and was sent to the cult by Saddam Hussein, described the situation in Camp Ashraf and the Camp of liberated ones explaining the ways and solutions to be rescued from Rajavi’s cult. He confirmed that the majority of the people in Camp Ashraf are willing to meet their families.

Mr.Sametipour who was recruited by MKO members like Alireza Jafarzade in the US with some other teenagers and sent to Iraq, confirmed that Alireza Jafarzade was particularly in charge of justifying the recruited members and sending them to training camps in Iraq appealing the US officials to prevent the networks of MKO from acting in the Washington.

He told that the presence of this terrorist group and its activities near White House is a serious crisis and a potential threat for US community.

Mr. Husseini, Saeed Husseini’s mother from Husseini family, explained that she has suffered the separation from her son for twenty five years. She asked the international society for aid providing the possibility to meet and liberate her son.

Mr. Babak Amin read Nejat Society’s statement stating families’ demands as follows:

1. The possibility of meeting between captured members and their families freely and without the presence of the cult representatives.

2. The captured members could call or write their families directly and without the interference of cult leaders.

3. The members should be interviewed out of organizational conditions in front of international Red Cross representatives.

4. The members could decide for their future and situation themselves and shouldn’t be influenced by Rajavi organizational pressure.

5. Since Rajavi’s organization is recognized as a terrorist group, we know the leaders of the cult direct responsible for the captured members’ lives.

6. The conference ended by Q&A meeting at 1:30. the invited people were discussing the presented affaires until 6:00 pm.


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