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Letter / Somayeh’s Iranian Father Calls on MEK member in Tirana

Farid Totounchi (Real name: Mahoutchi) Commander of Saddam’s Private army forcing Somayeh Mohammadi to do a “Forced confession” session in Terror camp in Albania

A day after 38-year-old Somayeh Mohammadi, a member of the MEK group which opposes the so-called Iranian regime and who publicly accused her father of being a Tehran spy, the father reacted. Through a letter to Balkanweb’s editorial office, Mostafa Mohammadi states that his daughter is held hostage by the MEK group leaders in Tirana. He points to one of the members of the MEK group in Tirana, who is called Farid Toutonchi. Among other things he writes:

“I call you the name you registered with in Albania, but your original name is Farid Mahoutchi. In Albania you are known as one of the top executives of the Mojahedin propaganda office, while in Iraq you were the commander of Tank Division 4, otherwise known as the Karun Division whose task was fighting against Iran, Arabs and rebels Kurds who opposed the regime of Saddam Hussein. In Iraq you are wanted for crimes against humanity, but in Albania with the new name and the new identity you have taken, you appear as a media man.

Through this letter we want to thank you for the show that you made of our daughter Somayeh yesterday in the News 24 media. We want to thank you for finally not using Mr Namik Kopliku and not the lawyer Margarita Kola to show our daughter to the media. Fortunately, now that Somayeh’s hostage issue is becoming international, you finally decided to remove the mask and come out in front of the television cameras.


In your recent statement that your organization made against the British Channel 4 television company, among other things you attacked the UK government. You attacked the British Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, Alistair Burt, as well as attacking many journalists, lawyers, and other people who are interested in the issue of Somayeh. With the follies that only you know how to fabricate, you implicate the British government along with the Iranian government in a conspiracy against your terrorist cult. After you have beaten and threatened journalists and lawyers, cried for the Albanian government to protect you from Iran’s “terrorists”, after you have persuaded the Albanian government to close the borders to Iranian families who want to meet and save their children from your jihad, after you paid Albanians to distribute your tracts and scams in the media, finally you have come out yourself in front of the television. This is a great achievement.

In the media statement that our daughter Somayeh read in your presence, she reiterated the allegations and defamations you have made against our family for several years. Our fearful and radicalized daughter accused us of being Iranian agents sent to Albania by Iran and other idiocy that only the sick minds of Maryam Rajavi’s terrorists know to create. You made this shameful parade with our daughter whom you’ve kept hostage for 21 years. You deceived our daughter to leave Canada and left her without a family, no husband or child, no education and no future, and keep her in reserve as a terrorist for Maryam Rajavi and her war against Iran.

Commander Farid Mahoutchi, with the appearance before the media of our radicalized daughter, brainwashed and scared, and the media who have agreed to play your game and do not ask the questions that need to be asked, you have proven once again that our daughter is held hostage by your defunct terrorist organization. According not only to international human rights organization experts, but also Canadian media, there are several hundred people in your organization like Somayeh who are being held hostage. Those people at whom you chant and tell them that their parents are enemies and Iranian agents to be killed, are living in total isolation. They are not allowed to communicate with their families and are muddled by ideas of radical jihad and violent extremism.

Our daughter, reading the text written by the Mujahideen command, which was performed under your supervision, made the situation sound very frightening. Our daughter’s confession that her parents are Iranian agents and because of that she will not talk to us is similar to the confessions that ISIS hostages made in front of cameras in the presence of jihadist commanders who killed and executed those hostages. You did this too Mahoutchi / Toutonchi. In Syria there were many radicalized ISIS people who killed their parents. This is what you also intend to do Mahoutchi / Toutonchi. You have radicalized and alienated our daughter from her family and made her see us as enemies. You have removed our daughter from Canadian civilization and democracy and kept her as a soldier in your jihadist camp in Manza waiting to perform jihad against Iran. With your radical and violent extremist ideas, you have turned our daughter into a controlled and fearful robot who cannot love her mother and father, who rejects Canada and democracy and agrees to live as a suicide bomber for Maryam Rajavi to make war and jihad against Iran.

Commander Farid Mahoutchi, because you are the main hostage holder of our daughter and together with the fearsome commander and torturer Behzad Saffari, you are the two key persons who control our daughter in Albania and who threaten and violate journalists and who beat me in Tirana a few weeks ago, I’m boldly looking for a favor.

Is it possible for you to bring our daughter for just an hour to meet her mother, Mahbubeh, who is in Tirana, since I, according to you, am an Iranian agent and I have to be killed by MEK? All the enmity you are creating by attacking and threatening Albanian journalists, lawyers, beating me and accusing us of being Iranian agents, inventing agents and alienation between Albania and Iran, accusing the British government of conspiracy against you with Iran, blackmailing Albanian public opinion that Iran wants to kill you, etc., can be solved very simply.

Bring Somayeh into a public space. Let Somayeh meet for an hour alone with her mother, without your presence and the other jihadists who surround her. Trust Somayeh to live for an hour without the presence of your jihadist commanders, so that she, like all other children in the world, can meet her parents. We will not eat Somayeh. We will not take Somayeh to Iran. We will not turn her against MEK. We will simply appeal to our daughter to abandon jihad and terrorism and come with us to Canada. We know that this means one fewer self-sacrificing fighter for you, but you must let this happen if you want the democratic world to respect and see you as a democratic opposition rather than jihadist hijackers.

Can Commander Farid Mahoutchi do this little thing? We know that our daughter, who was kidnapped as a minor from Toronto, is kept as a sleeping suicide-bomber for the terrible jihad that you dream of performing against Iran one day. You as a tank commander, you have blood-stained hands, and Somayeh looks to you like a suicide bomber for the war you dream of one day.

But we, as her parents, who have been in Albania since July 5, 2018, who are going to the police and taking you to court, who you are beating and reviling as agents and terrorists, we only want one thing: to meet our daughter.

Commander Farid Mahoutchi, you should know that while the Albanian state tolerates you keeping hundreds of isolated and radicalized hostages in your camp in Manza, beating and threatening journalists and lawyers, blaming and defaming foreign governments etc, the international community sooner or later will condemn what you are doing. Somayeh is a hurricane that will severely damage you in the eyes of the world. You cannot keep hostages in Europe. Albania is not Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and you cannot behave like tank drivers and terrorists here. The threats you and Commander Behzad Saffari and others are making against Albanian and foreign journalists will not easily be forgotten. Europe cannot be intimidated by your terrorism and threats, and in no way accepts hostages and jihad.

We, Somayehs’ parents, that you have held hostage for 21 years, we have only one request. Let us meet our daughter! If you understand the minimum of civilization and democracy you have to do this! Do not behave like jihadists and criminals!

Mostafa Mohammadi and Mahbubeh Hamza

BalkanWeb, Translated by Iranintelink

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