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Maryam Rajavi’s lies flood the internet while Iranians struggle with reality

Heavy rain continues to cause severe flooding all over the country in Iran. Tens perhaps hundreds of people have died in the last week, many more are injured. Thousands have had their home and their livelihood swept away. Authorities are working flat out to rescue and help people including the Red Crescent and the military. It is a national emergency and people are suffering.
As usual when Iran is in the news, we get the usual reaction from Iran haters. Like other events these floods are just an excuse to make Iran a political football to be kicked around western media. First the instant experts pop up. Some are recycled from other news items. They change from being experts in the exchange rate of the dollar, petrochemical, experts, nuclear experts, experts in human rights and now the same person is an expert in water management. Iranians who have not been in Iran for decades, if at all, suddenly pop up to give interviews and share their expert analysis of why unprecedented rain caused unprecedented flooding and with one breath blame failure to anticipate climate changes and in the other breath blame Iran’s government policies for the damage.
Some of them even think they are helping the people of Iran by standing on the side lines to criticise the government as if Iranians are somehow too childish to think for themselves.
The worst of all these fraudulent experts is Maryam Rajavi who has deluded herself that she is leading a mass revolt in Iran instead of deceiving and suppressing her elderly slaves in Albania. In the middle of a national emergency she has been telling Iranians to help each other!!! They must wish they’d thought of that.
For a while, what was most interesting was the mysterious absence of the MEK in that helping effort. For a group that claims to have huge support inside Iran and claims to be working to help the Iranian people against their own government, the MEK was completely absent. Maryam Rajavi is so obsessed with her own image that it was surprising she didn’t even order a photoshopped picture of MEK helping flood victims with her photo in the background to publish on her sites.
That was until Massoud Khodabandeh wrote about it in his Iran-Interlink site. Apparently Rajavi does read the site and does take instruction from Khodabandeh about how normal people respond to national emergencies.
After Khodabandeh pointed out MEK’s “lack of wit” Rajavi’s propaganda machine has woken up and started churning out breath-taking lies. Just what a nation in crisis needs. After first stupidly instructing flood victims to “resist” their rescuers (the Sepah or Pasdaran who by the way helped defeat Rajavi’s heroes Daesh on the ground, rescuing not only Iraq and Syria but the entire Iranian nation from this threat), Rajavi must have read Khodabandeh’s comments and realised that you can’t really expect people whose homes and livelihoods have been swept away in a flood to start a revolution. Not this time dear!
Now she has invented something called “Resistance Units” which have apparently sprung up like a virus inside Iran and spread overnight to every town and village – totally undetected by the formidable Intelligence Ministry and its network of spies that her followers are so petrified of all the time!
It is difficult to read Rajavi’s propaganda without laughing because it really is just nonsense. According to her, these MEK supporters are not only freely wandering around disaster areas handing out “aid” which they have magicked up out of nowhere, but they also have enough spare time to print and hand out leaflets instructing people to come to their own aid!
You couldn’t make this up… except Rajavi did just that.

BY Ali Alavi,

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