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Rajavi’s collection of lies

Having nothing to offer nothing to lose, MeK spleeny repeat all the lies they have told in the past, just before the collapse and destruction on the edge of the abyss. There are all the lies of Rajavi’s cult:

* Mujahedeen are an organized and nationwide resistance.
* Iranian People want to overthrow the regime and they are represented by the Mujahedeen.
* U.S has placed Mujahideen in the list of foreign terrorist groups, as a plaything for Iran.
* Being located in the American terror list, Iraqi government wants to expel Mujahideen.
* Being located in the American terror list, Iranian government executes Mujahideen.
* Iraqi government is the Puppet of Iran; therefore he is seeking to destroy camp Ashraf.
* Iran seeks to destruct Mujahedeen, in order to control the popular uprisings.
* Fearing the Arabic spring, Iran has ordered Maleki to massacre Mujahedeen.
* Rajavi – Stevenson Project is the plan of the European Parliament.
* Maliki is afraid of the Spanish court.
* Mojahedin presence in Iraq is due to the Fourth Geneva Convention.
* Mojahedin presence in Iraq is based on an agreement that the U.S has signed with each of them.
* In negotiation with the U.S representative, Mojahedin have suggested many solutions to be displaced inside Iraq.
* All the residents of cam Ashraf remain there voluntary and satisfactory.
* People, who stand in front of camp Ashraf, are not families of Mujahedeen.
* All the U.S congressmen support us because they believe in, not for money.
* Millions of Iranian makes up the revenue sources of Mojahedin.
* Participants gathered in Paris are Iranian, and they are not Arab, Afghan, African and Eastern European refugees of European camps.
* Iranian American community of Northern California and Iranian American Society of Texas are independent and not related to the Mujahideen.
* The French court voted in favor of Mujahideen, and Shadanlu and Ehsan Naraghi were not condemned.
* Of sanctions, Iran’s economic situation remained dire.
* Iranian regime is going to be overthrown.

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