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Rajavi’s big lies and misinformation apparatus

Rajavi’s disinformation apparatus, like its other misleading networks, are engaged in never ceasing propaganda, political and cultic activities in an attempt to influence on public opinion through the distorted information. The least thing observed in this ever-going blitz is ethics, that is to say, Rajavi is strictly adhering to Machiavellian codes to use available means to achieve objectives. What is most vivid in Rajavi’s ethical values in his conducts is novel definitions for these values like trustfulness, veracity and honesty.

To what extent can Rajavi be trusted in ethical considerations requires a thorough unearth of his ideological principles in this respect. In practice, it is a matter of fundamental inconsistency in the normative ethics and Rajavi defines ethics according to the interests and goals he attempts to achieve. In his newly defined ethical literature, the unethical can be identical with the ethical in the same way that wrong and right can be.

As defined in one of the organization’s early ideological, instructional pamphlets, “right can be transformed according to certain time and setting conditions”. Also “It might be possible that some means is right to use in certain conditions since it helps to achieve an end”. “There is another condition wherein the very same means is wrong because it can no more lead us to accomplish our ends.”

Thus, consistency, which is the hallmark of ethics, is absent in Mojahedin’s literature of ethics that is full of contradictions. Ethics requires consistency in the sense that our moral standards, actions, and values should not be contradictory. Examining Mojahedin’s ethical standards uncover inconsistencies that totally go against the standard values.

Stated by Rajavi, “all phenomena are constantly changing and moving and none are consistent”. No doubt, Rajavi’s inductions play a decisive role in his relations with the outside world and he has been facing a big challenge for his publicity as a violator of dominant ethical standards. Even Americans through multitudes of reports on Mojahedin have repeatedly reiterated the duality of the organization in its conducts and relations. Regardless of few advocates that try to criticize propagations they believe to be aimed at discrediting the organization, there is a broad consensus on the untrustworthiness of Mojahedin and that, they adhere to Machiavellian ethical codes to accomplish their ends.

As an evidence, take Rajavi’s message of November 4 in which he, concerning Camp Ashraf, states:
Mojahedin in Ashraf welcome the present Iraqi Government’s plan to be transferred to a third country from among the country members of the European Union or the United States.
Reading these lines, one may come to believe that the Iraqi Government has already conferred with the mentioned states to reach an agreement for the relocation of Ashraf residents. That is true that the Iraqi Government welcomes any country that will accept the organization but it has never named any certain host so far. Furthermore, the authorities have asserted that none of the 25 countries they have engaged in talks on behalf of Mojahedin to host it have agreed to accept the group. We do not know the basics of his claims but his misinformation will have their effect as he intends.
Here is another excerpt from his message:
The Iraqi Government must respect the rights of Ashraf residents according to the European Parliament’s Resolution issued on 24 April 2009 until they are transferred to the U.S. member countries of the E.U.

Some may infer that the message points to the alternates of the organization’s relocation settings agreed by the EU’s Resolution while it has nothing to do with the host countries but requiring the Iraqi Government to respect the rights of Ashraf residents. A look at the EU’s Resolution talks for itself.

Somewhere else he states:
The fighters of the National Liberation Army (NLA) surrendered 20 thousand pieces of arms and 20 thousand tones of ammunition to the American forces as a deal to give them protection until the ultimate solution.

Those who are unaware of the consequent invasion of the coalition forces and the seizure of the arms depots in Ashraf by American forces may be misled by such words that may imply the organization has surrendered its arms willingly to guarantee the camp’s security and that, the arms will be returned to them after its issue has been dealt with. It seems that Rajavi has learned his lessons associated with propaganda, conjuring lies and deceit from the known instructor of them, that is Joseph Goebbels; a master of the "Big Lie” who is quoted “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. And in fact, it has been the infrastructure of Rajavi’s propaganda machine at least during the past thirty years.

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