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Rajavi forces our children to sign his lies to UNAMI

Third announcement by the families of hostages in Camp Ashraf

The Mojahedin Khalq cult leaders, in a ludicrous show of desperation, have sent letters to UNAMI with the signatures on them claiming to be those of our loved ones! The cult leaders have claimed that our loved ones have all repeated the leaders’ propaganda.

First of all, there is no way that one could be sure that these signatures really are the signatures of our children captive inside the camp. And secondly, there is clear evidence that even it these are the real signatures of our children, the pressures imposed on our love ones during the past three months but Mojahedin Khalq leaders have brought these captives to the point that they will sign any paper including the above mentioned letters filled with lies and swearing and etc. It is enough to say that the letter claims, on their behalf, that none of them want to even see any of their family members under any circumstances.

The cult leaders also claim that the families of these captive people have surrounded them!! And therefore their lives are in danger (from their family members who want to see them)!!

What danger could the old men and women, who only want to see their children, pose to anyone. What the cult leaders really mean is the danger they pose to the very existence of the cult’s rules and regulations which they are imposing on our children. Rajavi is clearly shaking with the thought of our presence in this place which is cutting through his darkness like a ray of light.
As usual, the Mojahedin have embarked on their old tactic of saying that we, the families of the captives, have all been sent by the Intelligence Ministry of Iran. Nothing could be further from the truth and no one is buying these ridiculous lies. No one believes these ridicules claims and this tactic has been thread bare for a long time now.

We, the families, have promised and will stick to our word to resist all of these tactics including crying wolf and including deceptions and lies and including forcing our children to write letters against their own families they have not seen for decades. The desperate leaders of the Mojahedin cult are begging the Americans to push back the mothers and fathers of their hostages in this camp. We have not, and will not, surrender to this intimidation, and will not allow these supposed forced signatures by our loved ones against their own families set us back. We continue to insist on our only simple and legitimate demand and that is to meet our children in a place outside this garrison and without the presence and intimidation of the cult leaders in the presence of representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross and UNAMI.

In our last meeting with UNAMI in Baghdad we were promised that representatives will coordinate with the Government of Iraq to act on the legitimate demands of the families and would send representatives to the gates of Camp Ashraf to see the situation for themselves. To date, we have not seen anyone from UNAMI approach the camp, but we are still hopeful and waiting.
Families picketing in front of Camp Ashraf – 30 April 2010

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