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on Mike Pompeo’s ‘terror remark’

Mike Pompeo’s ‘terror remark’ baseless, says Iran Embassy

In a statement the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New Delhi categorically rejects baseless allegations of the US secretary of state levelled against Iran.

New Delhi: Tehran on Thursday slammed US secretary of state Mike Pompeo for calling Iran the “largest sponsor of terror” and termed his statement made in Delhi as baseless and fabricated, and aimed at renewed conflict in the region.

“The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New Delhi categorically rejects baseless allegations of the US secretary of state levelled against Iran during a joint press conference held in New Delhi on 26 June 2019,”

the embassy said in a statement made available to ET.

Pompeo said he discussed Iran with his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar.

“We have a certain perspective on Iran, obviously from where we are based. The US secretary of state shared with me the American concerns on Iran. Both of us certainly came out much better informed of each other’s concerns in that regard,”

Jaishankar said. India is also hoping for launch of US-Iran negotiations to resume oil imports.

“These allegations are nothing other than continuation of forging unfounded accusations and fabrications by the US administration, specially state secretary Pompeo, to push for more hostilities, instability and confrontation in the region.”

the embassy said.

“The miscalculations and wrong understanding of the US administration towards other nations and many international and regional issues have aggravated the situation between the US and the rest of the world which is very clear and undeniable… The US is openly sowing seeds of hostility against the peaceful people of Iran through maximum economic pressure in particular unfair sanctions as a brutal act of terrorism,”

the Iranian mission said.

“During the last decades, US interventions in the region have disturbed the natural harmony, domestic dynamics and ecosystem of communities in the region. The rise of extremist groups like Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS are contemporary demonstration of US adventurism. The crises in our region, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Yemen, are rooted in occupation, illegal military interventions, hegemonic and social engineering policies of the United States,”

the statement said.

“In contrast, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a victim of terrorism which has lost 17,000 of its citizens by US supported terrorist groups (MKO/PMO) and being in the forefront of fighting these groups such as ISIS, has identified its regional interests with good-neighbourliness, and peace and stability in the highly sensitive Persian Gulf region and believes that its national security interests can only be secured through dialogue, confidence building and multilateral cooperation within the region, and Iran is determined to actively contribute to the promotion of an effective regional dialogue for peace and security,” the Iran embassy said.
By The Economic Times India

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