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  • Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceAmerican Demons

    American Demons

    During the American hostage crisis, the MEK aka MKO/PMOI participated and called for the executions of the Americans. Rajavi is anti-American, anti-imperialist, and anti-capitalist. His aim is to become the Pol Pot of Iran, even if the MEK must become a tool of the American…

  • Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceSecrets of the Tea Party

    Secrets of the Tea Party

    ... MEK’s initial purpose was realized in 1979 when the group, along with followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, successfully staged the Islamic revolution, seizing the Tehran U.S. Embassy and sending the Shah into exile. Following the revolution, MEK was sent into exile by the Islamic Republic…

  • Fox News agencyCommunist Terrorist Television for Dupes

    Communist Terrorist Television for Dupes

    On June 20, 2009, the Fox News Channel devoted the entire day of live programming to coverage of the unrest in Iran. For supporters of the Iranian communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran) terrorists, there was no need to…

  • Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceUnpardonable Neoconservative Treason

    Unpardonable Neoconservative Treason

    A major pretext for the Iraq War was Saddam Hussein’s support of the Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran) terrorists at Camp Ashraf and at other camps in Iraq. In 2003, American and coalition forces attacked Camp Ashraf,…

  • Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceIPC: Pentagon or Terrorist Funding?

    IPC: Pentagon or Terrorist Funding?

    The Iran Policy Committee (IPC) promotes the Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran) terrorists, the murders of American military officers, Rockwell International employees, and large numbers of Iranians and Iraqis. The United States State Department has listed the…

  • Raymond TanterIPC: Terrorist Financial Involvement

    IPC: Terrorist Financial Involvement

    The MEK is a communist terrorist organization responsible for killing large numbers of Iranians and Iraqis. The MEK has murdered American military officers and Rockwell International employees. In 2003, American and coalition forces attacked the communist terrorists at Camp Ashraf , Iraq . Now, the…

  • UKBritain’s Immoral Support of Terrorists

    Britain’s Immoral Support of Terrorists

    Since April 2003, American and other military forces have protected Camp Ashraf , Iraq . The MEK terrorists could not continue terrorist activities from Camp Ashraf , Iraq without the approval of American military forces. There have been numerous reports in the American media of…

  • Mujahedin Khalq 's FunctionMany Roads to Serfdom

    Many Roads to Serfdom

    George Orwell wrote a book review of Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom and of K. Zilliacus’ The Mirror of the Past. Orwell noted that the important lesson to be learned from these authors from opposite ends of the political spectrum is that there is…

  • USAMissed Opportunities: CNN’s

    Missed Opportunities

    The major theme of the program is missed opportunities by political leaders in America and in Iran for peace. After years of television programs on the Fox News Channel and elsewhere promoting America’s worst enemies, the neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) who want to

  • USAThe neocons' unholy alliance

    The neocons’ unholy alliance

    the Rajavis sold out their fellow Iranians to Saddam Hussein, trading intelligence about their home country for a place to house their Marxist-Islamist Rajavi sect. While Mujahedeen(PMOI/MKO) press releases were pouring out last month, taking undue credit for the nightly demonstrations, many antigovernment Iranians were…

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