Saddam’s Private Army

Ms. Ann Singleton wrote the book Saddam’s Private Army in 2003 on “How Rajavi changed Iran’s Mojahedin from armed revolutionaries to an armed cult”

Rajavi and Saddam

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Part One – From prison to Ideological Revolution

Chapter 1 – Historical context
Chapter 2 – Rajavi’s first bid for power
Chapter 3 – National Council of Resistance
Chapter 4 – Foreign Relations
Chapter 5 – Armed Struggle
Chapter 6 – Internal Relations
Chapter 7 – Ideological Revolution

Part Two – From Ideological Revolution to Cult Status

Chapter 8 – Internal Relations
Chapter 9 – Armed Struggle
Chapter 10 – Foreign Relations
Chapter 11 – Rajavi’s second bid for power
Chapter 12 – Internal Relations
Chapter 13 – National Council of Resistance

Part Three – The Mojahedin in the Present

Chapter 14 – Dissent within the Mojahedin
Chapter 15 – Political Scene

To read the book click here

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