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  • IraqIraq To Relocate Iranian Exiles From Camp Ashraf

    Iraq To Relocate Iranian Exiles From Camp Ashraf

    The UN office in Baghdad said on September 7 that the authorities will transfer the remaining residents of Camp Ashraf in northeastern Iraq to another facility in the Baghdad area...Some 3,000 MKO members were relocated to Camp Liberty on the outskirts of Baghdad last year…

  • UNUN Visits Iranian Exiles At Iraqi Camp After Clashes

    UN Visits Iranian Exiles At Iraqi Camp After Clashes

    UN officials in Baghdad say the visit on September 2 was aimed at determining how many people died there and how they were killed.Camp Ashraf houses some 100 members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, aka People's Mujahedin Organization of Iran), an Iranian exile group…

  • IranIran Overturns Death Sentence For MKO Member

    Iran Overturns Death Sentence For MKO Member

    Saeed Masuri was condemed to death in 2001 for his alleged role in an MKO"military mission" aimed against the Iranian government.Masuri had lived in Norway since 1988, but traveled to Iran in 2001. He was arrested before he was able to carry out his alleged…

  • USAMKO and Iranian Chalabis

    MKO and Iranian Chalabis

    Pointing to Bush's order to US forces in Iraq to shoot Iranian and Syrian agents in Iraq, Pentagon's emphasis that Iranian agents were behind the deaths of 5 US forces in Karbala and the departure of second US aircraft carrier to the region, Spiegel writes…

  • European UnionEU knows MKO is not democratic says Director of Human Rights

    EU knows MKO is not democratic says Director of Human Rights

    "Ms. Sabin Mayer, Director of Human Rights and International Relations of EU's Greens, pointed to the process of talks between Europe and Iran since the government of Khatami and said: "Geopolitically, Iran is important and European Union believes that Iran can be taken out of…

  • USA

    “We oppose this organization. We don’t support it”

    The political scene of the US recently witnessed two controversial developments, namely the victory of Democrats in recent elections and the report of Iraq Study Group. Will these two development a beginning for a turn in US policies towards Iran?Amir Mossaddegh Katuzian from Radio Farda…

  • MEK ex-membersParis Meeting

    Paris Meeting

    Now the former members of the MKO in Paris have published a pamphlet containing the names and details of nearly 100 members who they claim were killed by the MKO- under torture, by hanging, forced to commit suicide or had suspicious deaths.

  • MEK ex-membersAbbaslou; Interview with Radio Farda

    Abbaslou; Interview with Radio Farda

    In an interview with Radio Farda's Ali Sajjadi, he referred to his membership in the MKO and said: "if a window is opened to the outside world, all MKO members would leave and 100 would barely remain." MKO announced that Mr. Abbaslou has never been…

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