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EU knows MKO is not democratic says Director of Human Rights

In a report on Iranian refugees and also on the occasion of the anniversary of approving Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Brussels, Radio Farda said:

"Ms. Sabin Mayer, Director of Human Rights and International Relations of EU’s Greens, pointed to the process of talks between Europe and Iran since the government of Khatami and said: "Geopolitically, Iran is important and European Union believes that Iran can be taken out of isolation only by dialogue. Parliament knows that along with talking with Iranian officials, more activity is needed in the field of talking with Iranian opposition, writers and citizens."

She stressed: "Iran criticized invitation of Maryam Rajavi to Strasburg. Iranian officials said that it was an indication that we were backing the idea of regime change. But we denied it. We know that the MKO has not been a democratic group and that it is a closed group. However, in terms of legal issues, EU’s laws were needed to change and therefore, restriction on MKO’s bank accounts in Europe were lifted."

Radio Farda, December 19, 2006

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