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The European Parliament Held an Assembly, Considering the MKO’s Present Situation

On Tuesday February 27, 2007, an assembly holds in EU Parliament in Bruxelle to consider the present situation of the MKO and sustaining the group name in the EU terrorist list.

More than 70 EU parliamentary members who were mostly Green party attending the assembly. Angelika Beer, the representative of the “Dialogue in” of the European Parliament, was the director of the assembly. Also, there were many journalists and analyst expertise in terrorism. Some former members of the MKO and their representatives were also invited to this assembly whose names are :

1- Michael Matison the General Secretary of Common Security in European Parliament Council

2- Senator Josie Doubiee from

3- Mohammad Hussien Sobhanie , Human rights activist and Expert on MKO’s Situation from

Angelika Beer briefly explained the reason why MKO is absent. She said that " since MKO are known as a terrorist group and their name is among EU terrorist list therefore , they are prevented for attending the assembly."

Followed by Angelika Beer, Michael Matison read a report on legal rights in EU Parliament. Then Senator Josie Doubie shared his personal experience visiting the Camp Ashraf . He mentioned MKO is a cult group by the definition of the cult.

Mohammad Hussien Sobhanie talked his personal experience when he was jailed about the systematic violation of human rights, the danger of cultish believes and terror policy in MKO. Sobhanie told the assembly that removing MKO’s from EU terror list will be against Human Rights principal and the democratic values that EU is based on those values..

The representatives of the Associations who participated and supported the assembly are:

1- Pars-Iran Association

2- Rahai Society

3- Family Rescue Net

4- Iran-Sabz Association

5- Iran-Interlink

6- New View

7- Iran-Ghalam Society

Feb.27, 2007

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