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AMIA and the Role of MKO

A group of Argentinian political, social, religious and human rights personalities, as well as syndicates, artists, and ethnic groups have in a letter to IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced solidarity with Iranian nation and government against George Bush’s militarist, occupying regime’s threats.

The letter is signed by Luis Dalian, Ebb Pasture, D. Bona Fannie, Priest Lois Farinello, Oswaldo Bayer, Alejandro Corona, Alejandro Frnandez, Paulovski Edwardo, Carlos Aznares, Nora D. Cortinas, Fernando Solanas, and Ricardo Langini.

The letter a copy of which was faxed to IRNA on Monday reads in part: As Argentinian citizens we denounced the court verdict issued on involvement of Iran in attack against AMIA Jewish Center in July 1994 in Buenos Aires.

We believe the said verdict has not been issued in order to find the real culprits behind that horrendous crime, but in a bid to serve the interests of the officials of the time and under the pressure of the United States, and that it has been highlighted today to justify a probable US attack against Iran today.

The letter elsewhere reads: Just like the case of the criminal occupation of Iraq on the pretext of existence of weapons of mass destruction there, non of which were found there later and revealing of the lies of US administration later on, this move today can be used as a new pretext for another military invasion against Iran.

The Argentinian elites have reiterated, "We strongly believe fact finding regarding the death of 84 victims of AMIA terrorist attack must be entirely led by the Argentinian people and their concerned legal organs and therefore we strongly denounce trampling upon our national sovereignty by Bush government and the Zionist regime by launching judiciary investigations here."

The letter stresses, "How could they rely on the accusations brought up by disgraced Judge Juan Jose Calleano who lost his judiciary position for having received bribes from Israel to distort the judiciary process, while the Interpol and the EU have announced that the findings of that court are null and void?

The Argentinian elites have stressed, "The US and Israeli officials are not ethically qualified for leading any campaign against terrorism and the Argentineans should not permit them to find pretexts or launching attacks against other nations resorting to pretexts that have phony roots in this land."


IRNA – 2007/02/28

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