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MEK misled members of European Parliament


A report by the European Parliament has said that the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) terrorist organization has committed many non-transparent actions in dealing with the members of the European Parliament.

“Iran’s Mujahideen, an organization Human Rights Watch has accused of intimidating, torturing and sometimes murdering members of the Iranian diaspora, has been using aggressive and shady practices to meet MEPs, including by hiding their real affiliation,” said the report.

It added, “MEPs have been included by this organization as co-signatories of letters they had not co-signed or named as co-hosts of conferences they never endorsed.”

The report further said, “they were registered using over 45 different pseudonyms, such as ‘MEK’, ‘NCRI’, ‘ISJ’, ‘APA’, in order to mislead MEPs and the Transparency Register.”

The MEK group adheres to extremely opaque guidelines in their internal interactions, something that led many observers to liken the group to a cult.

The group has run into troubles with the Albanian government due to the non-transparent actions of its members which included hacks and other illegal activities.

The Albanian government has recently blocked the access of the MKO members to the Internet in their camp near Tirana.

The Albanian government has turned off Internet access at the Ashraf-3 camp outside Manze, a small hill hamlet 30 kilometers west of Tirana.

It is the latest restrictive measure by the Albanian government in the face of MKO cyberattacks.

According to an informed security source, the notorious cultish members have been compelled to use mobile Internet or illicit techniques for cyber operations since Albania is firm to keep a lid on the terrorist activities of the group also called MEK.

As a result of the MKO’s involvement in “terror and cyber-attacks” against international institutions, the Albanian police forces conducted a raid on the camp in June.

They seized 150 computer devices used for sabotage attacks.

During the clashes at the camp, at least one MKO terrorist was killed and several more were injured.

On August 12, Kazem Gharibabadi, secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, said Tehran had filed a huge case against more than 100 members of the cultish organization, which has killed tens of thousands of Iranians.

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