BIJAR RAHIMI recounts his life story

Bijar Rahimi tells the story of his life

Many articles have been read, many documentaries and films or other conceptions have been created to prove the way of life in the MEK camp and what the word ASHRAF itself means, which as a result came to our country.

In interviews and various public appearances, many situations have been shown that go beyond our reality as a country that aims to have western and qualitative standards in social welfare and the word family.

But in some cults, the word family means “crime” or violation of interests. Here we are talking about interests that affect the feelings and hearts of thousands of families. Iran as a developed country, with a formed infrastructure, and a very large population, suffered an emotional crisis caused by just a fraud.

Bijar Rahimi recounts his life story

Bijar Rahimi tells the story of his life

Some scams just cost some money, some scams cost causing the loss of something of monetary value, but it is not justifiable that the scam could cause the loss of the divine family relationship. The MEK did this trick by asking its members not to communicate with their families, since according to them, this could be a threat to their cause, which was never understood what cause it had, more than the interests of the superiors to this organization.

Like many of the stories, we have seen that they appeared in the public and most popular national media, some former members of this camp, who recently for several years have been able to live freely and create their families here, where one of them is Mr. Sarfaraz Rahimi, who, together with me, managed to bring out many truths in the media where many of the Albanian people understood that the Iranians who came to Albania came to live a different reality and to see the sun outside the bars of Camp Ashraf, but something else was promised.

Recently, Mr. Rahimi’s brother, Mr. Bijar Rahimi, was with me in his first media interview, on CTV, where he spoke a lot about his life retrospective, and said that if he could turn back time, he would not made that choice. He would not want that life. With more emotion and pain, I show what it means to live inside the MEK camp and the challenges and hardships that accompanied it. For these and more, follow his interviews in the media. I invite you to follow.

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