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Violence by MKO fanatics in European parliament!


Scenes of attacking people, beating and kicking them are regular scenes played by the agents of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ the Cult of Rajavi) in European cities. Paris and Brussels have witnessed most of these scenes. Beating former members who are exposing the true nature of the group in the European Parliament of French Assembly.

Mehdi Khoshal

Moreover, the scenes of self-immolations committed by the MKO members in June 2003 are perhaps the most tragic ones that ended with the death of two female sympathizers of the group, Neda Hassani and Sediqeh Mohajeri.

The MKO was classified as a terrorist organization by the EU until 2009 and by the United States until 2012. It was delisted based on the allegation that it has not committed terrorist acts since 2002. Indeed, the group has not claimed any terrorist acts since that time but potential use of violence has been always in the essence of the group. Using cold weapons against defectors and beating them in public places under the pretext that they are agents of the Islamic Republic has been a very normal reaction of the MKO operatives against former members.

However, the recent violent act by the MKO took place in the European parliament while the group’s leader Maryam Rajavi was present in the scene. The attack was also iconic because it was soon broadcast in the social media and denounced by the European parliament member, Ana Gomes. Ms. Gomes addressed the parliament President, Antonio Tajani asking for prohibition of the MKO leader and agents from entering the EP :

“Mr President, I give full support for High Representative Mogherini’s efforts in implementing the nuclear agreement with Iran, which is strategic for the EU and global security.

“The EU should encourage Iran to play a responsible role in its region and beyond, in contrast with the Wahhabism fuelling terrorism and escalation by Saudi Arabian proxies. But the EU should also demand that Iran stops supporting the military butcher Assad in Syria.

“The EU cannot also be silent about human rights concerns in Iran, but to be credible and effective it must not turn a blind eye to the provocative activities of sects such as the MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq), which act within this Parliament, and last week even physically assaulted an opponent just outside the Parliament. This criminal act happened when the MEK leader Maryam Rajavi was in the Parliament. I demand from President Tajani the expulsion of MEK agents who work on EP premises. This is also a security matter for all of us.”

Mehdi Khoshhal, a former member of the MKO was the one who was severely attacked by the MKO agents on December 12 in the EP building. The attack has a high-profile eyewitness.  Former Labour MP of Britain Denis MacShane tweeted on Wednesday December 6th:

“Outside European Parliament thugs from People’s Mujahedin of Iran violently attacking elderly man, hitting with sticks, kicks etc. I told them to stop it, so they started attacking me with sticks, fists etc. And we weren’t even discussing Brexit!”

This indicates how shamelessly the agents of the MKO traffic in the EU parliament spreading violence despite all democratic gestures they take in their lobbies. Eldar Mamedov explains the technics the MKO operatives use to manipulate members of the EU Parliament. Mamedov is a political adviser for the social-democrats in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (EP) and is in charge of the delegation for inter-parliamentary relations between the EP and Iran.

“On the operational level, the MEK is extremely persistent and aggressive,” he writes. “MEK lobbyists maintain a constant presence in the coffee bars of EP buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg, or in front of the plenary room in Strasbourg. These are strategic locations from which to bombard MEPs and their staffers with requests to support the MEK.”

“Sometimes, however, they overdo it – one MEP recounted to me about how she had to scream at an MEK activist until they exited the elevator she was using to get to her office,” Mamedov states. “Even MEPs’ offices are targets: the MEK lobbyists have no qualms about entering them uninvited and distributing flyers against alleged “Islamo-fascist tyranny” in Tehran.”

The authorities of the European parliament should be wise to be wary about associating with any person or group that attempts to minimize the violent acts of a group so murderous and fanatical that even might endanger the health of the MEPs.

Mazda parsi

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