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U.S. Secretary of State Should Not Meet the group killed Americans

MEK killed US colonels

An Open Letter to President Donal Trump

My name is Reza Sadeghi Jaballi, a former member of the Mojahedin Khalq (MEK). I am currently a human rights activist living in Brussels. In 1994, the Mojahedin smuggled me into the United States from Canada where I obtained a green card and a passport. I lived in both the MEK base at 3721 Oceanview and their safe house at 2450 Louella Avenue in Los Angeles which was take down by the FBI in 2004 as part of “Operation Eastern Money”. As a result, many of the Mojahedin’s agents and operatives were arrested and seven of them who were engaged in fundraising activities on behalf of a foreign terrorist organization pleaded guilty to federal charges of providing material support to the group.

Dear Mr President,

I am writing to you now to express my deep concern that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attended this terrorist organization’s gathering on Wednesday September 25 in New York. In particular considering the MEK’s past record of assassinations of American military and civilian personnel:

Lt. Colonel Lewis L. Hawkins, killed: June 2, 1973

Air Force Colonel Paul Schaeffer, killed: May 21, 1975

Air Force Lt. Colonel Jack Turner, killed: May 21, 1975

Donald G. Smith, Rockwell International, killed: August 28, 1976

Robert R. Krongrad, Rockwell International, killed: August 28, 1976

William C. Cottrell, Rockwell International, killed: August 28, 1976

As President and Commander-in-Chief, it would be absurd to have a Secretary of State who meets and admires the same terrorists who not only killed many Americans, but who also took part in the hostage-taking of the US embassy in Tehran in 1979 and even asked the Iranian government to hand them over to them so that they could execute them.

MEK Assassinated AmericansThe MEK’s dirty past includes the anti-Imperialist inspired murder of six Americans in pre-revolution Iran which it later celebrated in songs and publications

Dear Mr President,

You were absolutely right when you said, when the World Trade Center came tumbling down, thousands of people were cheering because I was there myself in the Mojahedin Camp in Iraq where those thousands of people were celebrating and cheering. These are the same people that your Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met in New York.

I should inform you that Alireza Jafarzadeh, one of the Mojahedin’s high ranking commanders, who met with Mike Pompeo is the same person who declared to the leader of the Mojahedin in a conference call in 1997 he is ready to blow himself up on Capitol Hill or anywhere else. I am ready to testify anytime under oath and ready to take polygraph as well that this is true.

It was very strange that during the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton was the person who surprisingly took this terrorist organization off the U.S. terrorist list in 2012; one must question what motivated her decision.

Mr President,

The Mojahedin that Mike Pompeo met with was the first organization to chant “Death to America” in 1964. The Mojahedin organization was created with the ideology and belief in armed struggle against U.S. imperialism. They began their terrorist war and their assassinations under the rule of the Shah of Iran, beginning with the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Lewis L. Hawkins.

I believe it’s time to put an end to Hillary Clinton’s horrible decision and put this terrorist organization back on the terrorist blacklist where they belong.


Reza Sadeghi Jaballi

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