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Sunday Herald prints Mojahedin lies “ Jamshid Tafrishi responds

Below is a letter of complaint to the Sunday Herald newspaper by Jamshid Tafrishi. Tafrishi was once a member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq, and joined the National Liberation Army in . But soon rejected the organisation and became an outspoken critic.

Since he left, the Mojahedin have been misusing his name over the past years in every possible way, publishing articles on their websites (Iranfocus, Iranterror and PauloCasaca.net) which are their version of his views, but never publishing any direct response from him. In this way the MKO has variously claimed that Tafrishi ‘admitted’ working for the Iranian Intelligence Ministry, then ‘admitted’ to be working for the MKO and etc, without any direct word from Mr Tafrishi himself.

Recently, the Mojahedin told journalists that Tafrishi had written a letter to a court in the supporting their claims. For the first time an independent newspaper, the Sunday Herald, has printed the lies broadcast by the Mojahedin and Mr Tafrishi has taken the opportunity to clear his name by writing the following letter to the Editor, Mr Richard Walker.

 Dear Sir,

It appears that the proscribed terrorist organisation, Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO) which is on the list of terrorist organisations in US, , European Union, and the rest of the free world has published an article in your weekly publication and repeated its contents throughout its various official and clandestine websites.

The Mojahedin Organisation has made false allegations against me and I would like you to publish my response to their lies in the same page and column according to the usual rights considered by publications. I reserve my right to pursue legal avenues in the against this proscribed terrorist organisation as well as any provider for them.

The terrorist Mojahedin Organisation has falsely claimed that I have written a letter to a court in the (of course without even mentioning what and where and…) and have made further comments on this.

I have been, and I am declaring again, that from 1991 when I left Mojahedin Khalq Organisation and exposed the true terrorist nature of this cult, I have been under attack by the Mojahedin Khalq wherever possible by them.

From 1991 I have tried to take the mask off the face of this organisation. I have written hundreds of letters to many officials including United Nations officials, sub-commissions of the UN, various humanitarian organisations and even the US State Department and the US Congress. I have been one of the witnesses testifying to the massacre of Iraqi Kurds by the Mojahedin Khalq under direct order of Saddam Hussein. I testified in the United Nations Minorities Rights Commission which resulted in the Commission’s acknowledgment and condemnation of their crimes.

My testimonies, together with tens of other testimonies from the people who had survived the cult, along with other documents presented to the world, resulted in worldwide condemnation of the Mojahedin Khalq, and the US, UK, European Union and Canada have entered its name – and its aliases – in their lists of proscribed terrorist organisations.

Therefore, claiming that I have written such a letter as is referred to in your weekly publication in the words of a terrorist organisation is as ridiculous and false as their claim that they would have any minor support in the Iranian community inside or outside Iran, or representing themselves as an alternative to the ruling regime of Iran.

The charlatanism and mafia like tactics used by this terrorist cult are self-explanatory. It is not the first time they have used these criminal tactics to discredit their critics.

I have instructed my lawyers to investigate the false allegations published in your paper and the source of the claim that I have written a letter to a court. I will follow every legal avenue according to my lawyers’ advice. This is yet another fraud committed by the Rajavi cult (MKO) which should be exposed.

But it is worth mentioning the reasons behind such a desperate attempt by Rajavi and his terrorist cult. Is this not because of the panic after the death of their benefactor Saddam Hussein? Of course the other interpretation of this obvious lie in the middle of daylight would be that the Rajavis have lost their minds completely due to the heat after the fall of their benefactor.

It is clearly very regrettable to see that the Sunday Herald publication has mentioned the name of this proscribed terrorist cult which is hated by every Iranian inside and outside for their war crimes and crimes against humanity under Saddam Hussein, as a “Democratic Alternative”.

Finally, I would propose that I meet with your papers’ representatives so as to expose and refute all the lies which have been published in your paper under the influence of this terrorist organisation and deny publicly all the false quotes alleged on my behalf.

Jamshid Tafrishi,

E mail : jam_taf@hotmail.com

Jamshid Tafrishi, January 22, 2007

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