Hassan sweat heart, your father and I are looking forward to meet you

Letter of Hassan Baqerzadeh's mother to her son

My beloved son Hassan
Happy [Persian] new year darling. Hope you are OK. You have not shown up for so long. Why don’t you make a phone call to let me know about you?

Why did you forget your mother? What happens if you call me?

I have been looking forward for your phone call for many years. Whenever the phone rings, I tell myself that it’s Hassan.

Hassan Bagherzade mother

Your father is worried about you and miss you too. We cannot forget our loved son. It is hard to believe that you are under such a control that you are not able to contact your parents. What a life do you have? Are you living under slavery?

As far as we know, you have no free will to choose for your life. I wonder if your voice will be heard. I don’t think so. You are stuck in a foreign country with no plan for your future but my father and you will not be disappointed. We are still awaiting for you with our arms open.

Hassan, It is not late yet. Release yourself from the MEK prison. We love you.
Your Mom


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