The mother of a hostage who does not know his son is dead or alive

The letter of Tajoddoleh Heidarian to Albanian Prime Minister

Your Excellency

Prime Minister Edi Rama,
I am Tajoddoleh Heidarian, the mother of Mehdi Hamidfar who is taken as a hostage under the cult-like hegemony of the Rajavis.

Mehdi Hamidfar mother

My son was relocated in your country, isolated in a camp with no access to the outside world. I am not aware of my son. I even do not know if he is alive or dead.

I ask you to require the MEK authorities to remove the restrictions and allow my son to contact me, otherwise, please take action to make regulations so that I will be able to contact or visit my son.

Tajoddoleh Heidarian, Mehdi Hamidfar’s mother

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