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Mother of MEK’s hostage: Escape!

Habibollah Qasemi mother

Habibollah Qasemi is from Zanjan, Iran. He traveled to Turkey when he was young. He then traveled to Greece seeking a better life in Europe. It was there that he was deceived by the recruiters of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). In April 2002, Habib was taken to the MEK’s Camp Ashraf, Iraq. Since then, his family has had no contact with him.

The Qasemis including Habib’s mother and his siblings made efforts in order to find a way to contact Habib but none of their actions have worked. They even participated the national court that was held in Tehran, in March 2021, in which 42 former members of the MEK presented their complaints against the leaders of the group.

Habibollah Qasemi mother

Habibollah Qasemi mother

The little sister of Habib, Leila addressed the court, “We have not seen my brother for 19 years.”. Habib’s mother and his other sister, Mina also were interviewed by journalists who were covering the court process. “Habib! Escape the group!” the elderly mother told him via the media. “Habib escape from the cult just like your friends who escaped!”

Habibollah Qasemi sister; Leila

Leila Qasemi;Habibollah’s sister

Leila Qasemi also attended the on-line conference held by Nejat Society in August 2021. “My brother has been taken as a hostage for 20 years now,” Leila addressed the conference. “My family and I support the petition made by 42 former members of the group and ask the international community to take the due actions. I hope that we are allowed to visit my brother. Unfortunately, my father, two of my brothers and one of my sisters died while they were looking forward to visiting Habib. This is neither fair nor humanitarian.”

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