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A MKO hostage’s mother: I will seek my son until my last breath

Ms. Nedaei is the suffering mother of one of the MKO Cult hostages. Her son was a prisoner of Iran-Iraq war when the Mujahedin-e Khalq elements deceived and recruited him by their false propaganda. 

Ms. Nedaei has recently traveled to Iraq, Camp Liberty in a hope to visit her dear son. She narrates her sufferings:

I am old and it’s difficult for me to travel. However, I have several times traveled to Iraq to meet my dear son; Fereydoun. My son didn’t know the MKO. He was a loyal soldier of his country. He was imprisoned during the Iran-Iraq War. Then under the brainwashing methods of the MKO Cult mercenaries he joined the group. I am a mother and will seek my son till I take my last breath.  

This time also the Rajavis’ Cult leaders didn’t allow me to visit my son. I shouted Fereydoun’s name as much as I could and I will do this again.

This time the MKO Cult leaders had brought some members to swear at families. Though their faces were covered, still I recognized my son; Fereydoun. He had stood among the other members. He was calm and didn’t curse. He just was looking at me.

The Cult leaders couldn’t tolerate our visit. I just wanted to see my son and hug him after so many years.

I am a mother. I will strive to reach my son. The Rajavis are the final losers…

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