BBC world interview with Anne Singleton and Gordon Corera

BBC world interview with Anne Singleton and Gordon Corera about Mojahedin Khalq

Anne Singleton

Back in the early 1980s, Anne Singleton was a rebel with a romantic streak, entranced by the selflessness, as she saw it, of a group of Iranians who were trying to bring democracy and a secular government to their country. The People’s Mujahideen, as they were known, had helped to overthrow the Shah but had been rejected by Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers and were allowed to seek refuge in Irag by Saddam Hussein. Anne met some of their members through a boyfriend in the north of England where she lived, and eventually joined them. Only later did she realise their true nature and she spent the next three years trying to escape their clutches. She is now trying to help other members who want to escape. Outlook hears Anne’s story and Heather Payton also speaks to the BBC’s Security Correspondent, Gordon Corera.


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