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MKO Shows Its Inferiority Complexes

Remnants of Rajavi’s cult, along with a number of Iraqi Sunni representatives, held a press conference in Brussels to attribute the unrest in Iraq again to Iran.

This comes while Khalf Al-Ayan and Adnan Al-Dulaimi, who accompanied terrorist MKO member Mohammed Mohaddessin in the conference, are themselves involved in the unrest in Iraq and in creating ethnic clashes. While ago, a number of cars prepared with bombs were found in Dulaimi’s house but the results of investigations were not made public because Americans didn’t want to!

Khalf Al-Ayan is known as "Instigator Sheikh". These two men want the situation back to that of Saddam era.

What’s important about these two men is that they have no political influence even among the Sunnis, and no credit is given to them in Sunni communities because of their extremist positions. It’s clear, therefore, why they support a foreign terrorist group like the MKO: because the MKO gives false credit to discredited people.

A reference was made to the Sunnis but it must be clarified that, as Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim said, what’s being done in Iraq under the name of Sunnis is the interference of some Arab states who are concerned about losing the fate of their countries to people. Wanting to get the past advantages, they boast about the dangers of Shiite power and allow themselves to interfere under the name of Sunnis.

Terrorist group of Mojahedin, with its pro-Saddam supporters, tried to stage its new scenario by revealing so-called list of Iranian agents in Iran. According to Mohaddessin, they revealed the names of 31960 members of Badr Organization!

It’s clear that the MKO intelligence agents have failed to get the names of 120000 members of Badr and SCIRI and they have sufficed to only 32000, who have asked for the expulsion of MKO from Iraq or have writing about dangers of MKO in the past four years.

It should be noted that the membership of 120000 in Badr and SCIRI- as one of Shiite anti-Saddam groups- from the total population of Iraq (29000000) is amazing in itself. By revealing the names of 32000 people, the MKO only shows how small it is- with 3500- while claiming to be the biggest resistance and alternative force for Iran (with 75000000 population)!

Apart from this, MKO has shown in the past that its stupid behavior in the past 27 years has not been incidental, but it all came from the stupid mind of its leader, Massoud Rajavi.

For instance, with this given issue, while the US wants to start a broad-based psychological war against Iran in Iraq, the MKO suddenly comes to the scene with intelligence gestures to reveal the names of 32000 Iranian agents as if the Americans don’t know where the SCIRI and Badr were founded and which country supported them! As if they are unaware of friendly ties between Iran and Shiites that the stupid propaganda system of MKO wants to expose Shiite members of Iraqi parliament as Iranian agents for the US?!

Now anyone in the place of Americans (even Neocons who are seeking a war with Iran) would find out that the MKO is only a puppet stimulated by the psychological war of Americans that comes to the scene to reveal the intelligence (again formed by the psychological war), and this means political prostitution and ….

There may be people who get higher interpretations from these gestures by MKO (for instance, they may think that this is an effort for survival or in the best form, it’s a tactic to get closer to the US), but what’s clear is that no one takes these gestures seriously.

Earlier also, when the MKO were acting on the nuclear issue to satisfy their American masters and volunteered to devote themselves for American spies, after a while they complained that why the IAEA and European powers didn’t pay attention to their so-called intelligence! Thy will experienced the same situation about Iraq.

The conclusion is that in a political analysis, such MKO moves only proves this group’s inability to influence Iran’s political scene and shows their isolation and their need to show their inherent inferiority complexes.

Irandidban – 2007/02/01

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