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Please hear our cry for help

Mohammad Khatibi's brother

Honorable Prime Minister of the Government of Albania,

Please help us to achieve our most basic human right
I am Amir Khatibi, the brother of Mohammad Khatibi (Ali Akbar), a member of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization in Albania.
My brother has been trapped by Mojahedin leaders for more than thirty years.
My brother was deceived into joining this organization as an inexperienced young man. My brother had no political experience. He is currently being held in a situation where he is not allowed to communicate with his family at all.
We ask the international community to help our loved ones release themselves from the MEK Cult mental and physical barriers and be able to contact their families without any restrictions.
Please stop this organization’s inhumane actions. Please hear our cry for help
I look forward to hearing from my brother.

Amir Khatibi, Lorestan Province, Iran

Mohammad Khatibi's brother

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