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To the Stockholm court: provide an opportunity to hear our testimonies

Zahra Gholizadeh's letter to the Stockholm court

Honorable Judge of the Stockholm Court,
I am Zahra Gholizadeh from the province of Gilan in Iran. I am the sister of Ali Gholizadeh, captured in the camp of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) in Albania. I am writing to you on behalf of my father and my family.

I was informed that the Stockholm Court, which has been set up to inspect the facts and investigate human rights violations, has been transferred to the Durres area of Albania so that the members of the MEK, who are detained in the organization’s camp, can also testify.
I am glad that a trial has taken place in Sweden on the subject of human rights and of clarification of the truth, but it should be noted that the truth has various dimensions that needs to be examined from all angles in order to be fully clarified.

I request that my complaint and that of the other families of the members of the MEK be considered and that an opportunity be provided to hear our testimony. We, the families, as well as the members of the Rajavi Cult, are all victims of this cult and part of the reality that needs to be clarified.
Recently, 42 former members filed a lawsuit against the leaders of the MEK in the International Court of Justice in Tehran, and a final verdict was issued. All the documents were handed over to the Secretariat of the International Criminal Court in The Hague for consideration and action by Mr. Karim Khan, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

Many families and former members also sent letters to Karim Khan, complaining against the leaders of the MEK about crimes against humanity and violations of the basic human rights of members, including preventing them from leaving or marrying and starting a family, as well as preventing them from any contact with the outside world, especially family and friends.
My brother was a prisoner of war in the hands of Iraqi forces during the Iran-Iraq war. He had gone to the fronts to defend the borders of his country. The MEK, in collaboration with Saddam Hussein, deceived and recruited him in a prison camp in Iraq with false promises.

My brother has no rights in this cult. He lost his life and youth and all his beautiful dreams. For almost thirty-five years now, he has not had a single phone call or a letter to his family. My brother is even deprived of the rights of a dangerous prisoner anywhere in the world.
I ask you to listen to the mass complaints of families and former members against the leaders of this organization during this trial, in which witnesses from the terrorist MEK cult have also participated. The leaders of the MEK must also be tried in an international court to answer for the crimes committed against their members and their families.
We are ready to appear wherever necessary to file a complaint or testify.


Zahra Gholizadeh
Gilan – Iran

Zahra Gholizadeh - Ali Gholizadeh sister

Zahra Gholizadeh – Ali Gholizadeh sister

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