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My brother does not enjoy any human rights in MEK

Zahra Gholizadeh is the sister of a man who has been taken as a hostage by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ the Cult of Rajavi) for many years. Ali Gholizadeh was very young when he was taken as a war prisoner by Iraqi forces in the Iran-Iraq war. He was then kidnapped by the agents of the MEK in Iraq camps. Since then, he has been barred from contacting his family in Iran.

Zahra participated the last month’s online conference of Nejat Society speaking for the audience who included former members of the MEK and families of other members who are taken as prisoners in the MEK’s camp in Albania.

Zahra Gholizadeh - Ali Gholizadeh sister

Zahra Gholizadeh

Introducing herself to the audience Zahra said, “I am here as the representative of my family. My brother was a POW in the early years of his adolescence and the damned Saddam Hussein gave my brother to the Cult of Rajavi that deceived him by dishonest promises.”

Appreciating the actions taken by the conference organizers, she asked all human rights bodies to aid the families who are looking forward to visit their loved ones in the MEK. “We just want our brother,” she said. “The cult of Rajavi deprives my brother from his most basic right which is contacting his family.”
Explaining about the efforts made by her family to contact her brother, she said, “I myself traveled to Ashraf three times but the cult did not allow us to visit Ali.”

Ali Gholizadeh - MEK hostage in Albania

Ali Gholizadeh

Zahra Gholizadeh and her family got pleased when they were informed that Ali was relocated in Albania but “nothing changed”. They were never allowed to travel to Albania to meet thier brother. “We wrote a lot of letters to my brother but there was no answer,” she said.
“Isn’t it the right of my father to know about his son,” she wondered. “What a rule, what a religion, what an ethic separates a child from his family?” Calling on the human rights bodies she stated, “My brother does not enjoy any human rights.”

Announcing the support of her family for the petition submitted by 42 former members of MEK to the International Court of the Hague, Zahra Gholizadeh expressed hope that the petition would be a preliminary for the release of his brother from the cult of Rajavi.

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