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Gholizadeh: Rajavi is the one who should be executed

Fatemeh Gholizadeh is one of the seven siblings of Ali Gholizadeh, a member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). She spoke of her concerns about her brother, in the on-line conference held by Nejat Society, last month.

Ali was a POW of Iran-Iraq war. He was a voluntary soldier in the war when he was imprisoned by Iraqi forces. He was then deceived by the MEK recruiters to join them in their notorious Camp Ashraf.
Appreciating the actions taken by Nejat Society, Fatemeh introduced herself as “a suffering sister who is speaking on behalf of five sisters, two brothers and a sick father”. “We want freedom for our brother”, she said.

Ali Gholizade sisters behind the MEK Camp in Iraq called Camp Ashraf

Ali Gholizade sisters behind the MEK Camp in Iraq called Camp Ashraf

“I traveled to Iraq four times, I stood behind the gates of Camp Ashraf and called on my brother but there was no answer, not even a glance by the side of my brother,” Fatemeh said. “Those traitors did not allow my brother to come towards us.”

Fateme Gholizade - Ali Gholizadeh sister

Ms. Fateme Gholizade; Ali Gholizadeh sister

Addressing her beloved brother, she continued her speech:
“My Dear bro, Dear Ali! We are waiting for you. Our father is sick looking forward to your return. Our mother passed away while she was expecting you coming home. Don’t ruin father’s desire for a visit or a phone call.
“Dear bro! you went to fight Saddam voluntarily; you were tortured in his jail but you were deceived by Massoud Rajavi after a few years. You thought you would return home sooner if you joined Rajavi. What a pity! You just fell from the frying pan into the fire. You lost your youth in the MEK but there is still a chance to get back home. We are waiting for you.

“What a notorious group that deprives you from a phone call! With such a huge technology progress, why are you so retarded that you have no smart phone?
“They are terrified. They don’t want you to hear us. They know if you talk to us, you will leave them. Is it called freedom? No bro! You are in a prison. Don’t stay in their prison! Get back to your homeland!
“Dear Ali get back! No one will hurt you here. You will be neither executed nor imprisoned. The one who should be executed is Massoud who took your life and your youth.”

Ali Gholizadeh’s family have taken any possible actions in order to open a way to contact Ali. They have written numerous letters to the international human rights bodies as well as the Albanian authorities. They have so far published many open letters and video messages to call on their imprisoned brother.

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