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Mass grave in Ashraf contains executed MKO members

Mass grave in Camp Ashraf contains executed Mojahedin Khalq leaders and cadres

After weeks of investigation at the now empty former camp of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq

Izzat Ebrahim and Massoud Rajavi still at large

organisation, Diyala Provincial Council reported that another mass grave has been unearthed in Camp Ashraf. According to this report, the MEK has executed a number of its leaders and cadres and buried them in Camp Ashraf.

President of the Diyala Provincial Council Mr. Taleb Mohammed Hassan confirmed that the remains of some bodies found inside the grave belonged to people who died of natural causes, and there are people buried inside the camp after the MEK executed them presumably because of their dissent.

Parliamentary sources have previously reported that the remains of Kurds had been discovered in Camp Ashraf in a mass grave. In this case, Diyala Provincial Council said the remains now uncovered are those of the members of the MEK itself and do not relate to any other persons.

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