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Letter to a brother imprisoned in the MEK on Yalda Night

On the occasion of Yalda Night, Zahra Gholizadeh published a letter to her beloved brother Ali, a member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq.
As an historic tradition, the Winter solstice is celebrated by the Iranian families, every year. Family members, parents and siblings gather together to celebrate the start of winter. As well as many families of MEK members, the Gholizadehs miss a member of their family: Ali.

Ali Gholizadeh was a POW of Iran-Iraq war. He was a young voluntary soldier in the war when he was imprisoned by Iraqi forces. He was then deceived by the MEK recruiters to join them in their notorious Camp Ashraf, Iraq.
This is one of the numerous letters Zahra has so far written for Ali in the hope of the least likely chance that her brother will be able to break through the mental and physical bars of the MEK and read the letters.

Zahra gholizadeh - sister of Ali Gholizade the MEK hostage

Zahra Gholizade

She writes of her languishing family that has gone through so many Yaldas in the absence of their beloved Ali. “I wish you were here with us this year and we would talk about all those years that you were far,” she writes. “My dear Ali! we miss you. We cannot help crying when we think of you. My dear brother! missing your visit is very difficult and suffocating for us.”

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