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Mahin Najafi pens letter to special rapporteur on human rights in Iran

Mahin Najafi, the sister of Mohammad Jaafar Najafi, member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq wrote a letter to the special rapporteur on human rights in Iran, Javid Rehman.

Mohammad Jaafar Najafi has been taken as hostage by the leaders of the MEK for over three decades. He has never been allowed by the group leaders to contact his family in Iran. “My brother lives in the MEK’s camp in Albania or in better words, he is imprisoned in the MEK,” Mahin writes in the letter.

Mohammad Jaafar was a soldier serving for the Iranian army in Iran-Iraq war. He was taken as a war prisoner in 1988 and eventually he was taken as a hostage by the MEK recruiters working in Iraqi camps.

Mahin Najafi tells Javid Rehman that under the rule of the MEK leaders, her brother is deprived from freedom, the right to get married and have a family. “Are you informed that the MEK brainwashes its members?” she asks Rehman. “You must pursue the situation of human rights inside the MEK.”

As she states, this is the third letter Mahin has so far emailed to the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Iran. She warns the rapporteur on the abuses the MEK leaders commit in their modern slavery system. “The few thousand people who live in the MEK camp are not allowed to access the outside world, to contact their families,” she writes. “They are deprived from any form of freedom. Isn’t it violation of human rights? How long do I and other families of MEK hostages have to suffer separation from our loved ones.”

Mahin Najafi ends her letter by asking Javid Rehman to send a delegation in order to visit the MEK camp in Albania and to interview each member of the group in person.

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