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Open letter to the UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur

Javaid Rehman UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur

Special Rapporteur Mr. Javaid Rehman ,

To begin with, Gafour Fatahian, a longtime member of the Mojahedin, was one of the best young people in the organization’s camps in Iraq for more than twenty years. Fortunately, I had been rescued and I am currently living in France.

Ghafour FAtahian - MEK defector living in France

Now I consider it my human and legal duty to disclose everything that happened to me and my friends during these two decades, because I know very well that the Mojahedin Organization, contrary to what its leaders, especially Maryam Rajavi , claims in Europe, they pretend to follow a path of democracy and human rights, and in fact they not at all. Their claims are not true at all because they themselves are violating the most basic human rights in Iraq and still in Albania till right now.

I vowed to convey to the world the oppressed voice of my friends who are currently trapped in Albania. by the way,

I wrote you a letter before about this subject.

Mr. Javaid Rehman I want just to expose to you that many former friends who have been dating for nearly thirty years now have no connection to the outside world.

No one in this organization, whether male or female, knows the meaning of life, because any marriage, love, and family formation, and any contact with family members and the outside world, is forbidden and trafficked. Even thinking about family and women and life is forbidden and an unforgivable crime.

And when an Iranian or European member of a family of these imprisoned people wants to visit them, the officials of this organization do not allow them to do so they even do not have permission to demand such a thing.

In addition, the Albanian government does not issue visas to Iranian people to travel to Albania in order to visit their families.

Mr. Javaid Rehman I am writing to you this letter; first, in order to expose this problem again, and second so as to demand your intervention to save these people and to find a solution to this dilemma.

I confirm Mr. Javaid Rehman that your contribution in this problem and your reaction to save these people will be memorable for these families.

With the warmest regards,

Gafour Fatahian – Paris

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