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Gilani families letters to the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama requesting to have contact with their loved ones

List of letters and messages from a number of Gilani families addressed to the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama requesting to have contact with their loved ones at the MEK Camp

Simultaneous with the nationwide signature petition, a number of families of the members trapped in the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK) camp in Albania from Gilan province (north of Iran), have sent separate messages and letters to the Albanian prime minister, to enable them to visit or at least have video or audio contact with their loved ones.

Each of these letters was accompanied by photographs, specifications, and documents, and copies were sent to other Albanian officials, as well as to European and international officials and to the Albanian and international media.

The families also expressed concern about the health of their loved ones in the context of the outbreak of coronavirus disease.

Families are waiting for the Albanian government, as a humanitarian gesture, to respond appropriately to these demands and solve the problems ahead. Many of these families have not heard from their loved ones in Albania for decades now.

It should be noted that during these years, many families in Gilan province died while waiting to see their loved ones, and they never managed to find out about them, whose names are now missing in the attached list.

Other Gilani families also keep sending letters and messages to the Albanian Prime Minister.

Nejat Families of Gilan Province

The mailing list sent so far from Gilan province is attached.

Here are some examples of Gilani’s elderly mothers and fathers’ messages to the Albanian Prime Minister, whom Rajavi calls agents and terrorists:

Yahya Ostadian, the father of Majid Ostadian, wrote:“I am old now and I miss my son.”

Seyed Ebrahimpour Shafi’i, the father of Seyyed Khalilpour Shafi’i, wrote:“My son has an incurable disease. I am very worried about his health. Why am I not informed about his condition?”

Ameneh Foumani, the the grandmother of Rad Mohammad Alizadeh, wrote:“I haven’t heard from my son for years. For God sake tell me about his health.”

Khadijeh Mollazadeh, the mother of Mansour Rahdar, wrote:“My son was a soldier in the village who was deceived by MEK. Why shouldn’t he be able to have a call with his mother and announce his health?”

Yousef Sabahi, Jabbar Sabahi’s father, wrote:“I wish to see my son after many years. Help me to hear from him.”

Zabihullah Qaderi, the father of Mohammad Qaderi, wrote:“I have amnesia because of waiting for so long. How many more years do I have to wait for a simple call? Help me.”

Mohammad Vali Gholizadeh, Ali Gholizadeh’s father, wrote:“I just want to meet my son. Is this a very big request? Why should I have not heard from him for years?”

Seyedeh Zahra Nourani, the mother of Seyed Vali Mohammadzadeh, wrote:“I am exhausted and sick. Someone help me. Who should I complain to and where should I go?”

Seyyed Hassan Mir Mousavi, the father of Seyyed Morteza Mir Mousavi, wrote:“My son was captured in the war and fell into the MEK’s trap. Why aren’t they allowed to at least tell us they are safe?”

Alireza Yousefi, the father of Mohammad Taghi Yousefi, wrote:“I want to meet my son. Give us at least one simple call and take us out of our worries.”

Rahim Ali Jame, the father of Ismail Jame and Ibrahim Jame, wrote:“I am looking forward to meeting my sons. I am looking forward to hearing from them.”

Mohammad Taghi Rezaian, Ismail Rezaian’s father, wrote:“His mother died while waiting for her son to call. Now I am waiting to hear from him. Can I see my son once before I die?”

Houshang zad Ismaili, the father of Davood zad Ismaili, wrote:“His mother died in the sorrow of separation from her son. Now I am waiting to see my son. Is it possible to communicate?”

Shahrbanou Marandi mother of Khosro Saliqedar wrote:“My son went to Germany to study and was deceived by MEK. Why shouldn’t he have a simple contact with his mother?”

Abolhassan Ghanipour, Roozbeh Ghanipour’s father, wrote:“My son went to study and fell into MEK trap, and now they don’t allow him to communicate with his family. Why?”

Farhad Mobrahan, Yousef Mobrahan’s father, wrote:“His mother is old, disabled and waiting for her son. Why don’t they let him call?”

Ali Pour-Ahmad – Nejat Society, Gilan Province Representation

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