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MEK Families Petition Albanian Embassy in Paris

Former MEK members in Paris visit Albanian Embassy

MEK Defectors in Paris

Presenting over 11,000 letters and signatures of the families and friends of MEK members who have been taken hostage by the Rajavi cult, families demand an end to Human Rights abuse and access to their captured loved ones.

On the afternoon of Thursday September 10, 2020, a delegation of former members and officials of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (Rajavi Cult, MEK), including Alireza Nasrollahi, Mohammad Razaghi, Ghorbanali Hossein Nejad, Ghafoor Fattahian and a group of ex member in France, joined together in the Albanian Embassy in Paris.

Former MEK members in Paris visit Albanian Embassy

Former MEK members in Paris visit Albanian Embassy

The 11,000 signatures and letters directed at the PM, President, and officials of the Albanian government from the families were presented in a book submitted to officials in the Embassy.

Former MEK members in Paris visit Albanian Embassy

Former MEK members in Paris visit Albanian Embassy

Families are being refused entry visa to Albania by the direct request of leaders of Rajavi Cult. This denial of access to family members is a direct abuse of the UN Human Right Charter as well as International Laws. Families demand a stop to such behaviours which only support Modern Slavery, and demand access to their children and loved ones. Some of the families have not met with their loved ones for decades, as Saddam Hussein would not allow access either when the MEK were based in Iraq.

 Former MEK members in Paris visit Albanian Embassy Former MEK members in Paris visit Albanian Embassy

Former MEK members in Paris visit Albanian Embassy

The officials in the Embassy welcomed the delegation, registering their demand and promised that the message and the documents will be presented to the Presidential Office as well as the PM and other relevant officials in Albania.

We will publish in due course a full report and interviews with the media.

Hoping for the day that the families will be allowed to see their children.

Text of the letter:

To Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Albanian Government – Demanding MEK members basic human rights

Albanian Embassy in Paris

Former members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and families of MEK members in Albania have gathered in Paris to issue this message, through the Albanian embassy, to Edi Rama and his government.

Four months ago, a petition was signed by over eleven thousand people. The petition asked the Albanian government to let the families of MEK members in Albania have contact with their loved ones.

“For over three decades, the leaders of the MEK have refused to allow the families of these members to have any sort of contact with their loved ones in the MEK camps (in Iraq and in Albania).”

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic raised the fears of these families about the health and welfare of their loved ones. Many worried they might not be able to have contact with them before it was too late. Elderly parents are desperate for a last, loving conversation with their children.

In spite of this petition and many individual appeals, neither Edi Rama nor any official or authority answered this petition nor addressed the concerns raised in it.

The inference for observers and experts alike is that a foreign terrorist cult, which operates an extra-territorial, extra-judicial camp in your country, is able to impose its will on your country. Otherwise, what objection do you have to allowing relatives to speak with one another. This is a basic human right.

The MEK has a long history of human rights abuses against its own members. The leader Maryam Rajavi presides over a dangerous mind control cult which keeps the members in a state of modern slavery. These members do not have any legal status in your country. They do not have identity documents, residence, work or travel permits. They do not have health insurance and do not receive payment for the work they are obliged to perform for Maryam Rajavi and her benefactors. This state of affairs was exposed by the revelations about the click farm in Manez.

The MEK has a long history of terrorism, violence, murder, crime, money laundry, people trafficking, human rights abuses, deception, duplicity and hypocrisy. Since arriving in Albania, the MEK has shown that it believes it is above the law – a belief bolstered by the lack of state control over the group. MEK appears to be holding the government of Albania to ransom, interfering in the internal affairs and foreign policy of the country with impunity.

With such impunity comes much danger.

The recent scandalous case of Ehsan Bidi – a registered UNHCR political refugee who sought refuge in your country and was issued ten-year residence and work permits – is an example. Bidi was the subject to a conspiracy to have him illegally and forcibly removed from Albania. This came about due to collusion between the criminal MEK, some corrupt security service officials and some corrupt members of parliament. The plot was exposed and thwarted by Bidi’s friends and supporters. But Bidi was right to fear for his life. The suspicious death of Malik Sharai was a reminder to everyone that MEK has killed many of its own members and former members to silence them.

There can be no doubt that those Albanians – lawyers, journalists, academics and others – who helped in this prevent and rescue intervention are true patriots who defended their country’s interests as well as those of a vulnerable individual.

Maryam Rajavi and her followers were expelled from Iraq and have now been expelled from the EU. The assessment of the EU security services is based on fact, not political expediency or corruption. It is difficult to believe therefore that the European Union would welcome the accession of a country which not only hosts such a group but offers it material and political support to continue its nefarious and illegal activities.

In this respect it is clear, Albania must choose – continue supporting the MEK’s criminal and unpatriotic activities or curtail the group so that Albania can be accepted as a member of the EU.

As for the families of MEK members and former members who have exposed and continue to expose the terrible abuses committed by Maryam Rajavi and her gang, we demand that all MEK members:

Have their full human rights observed according to the articles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights
Are given ID papers, residence, work and travel permits and national insurance benefits
Are allowed to freely choose where and how they live and who they associate with
In addition, there has been a blanket ban on issuing visas to families of MEK members – which Saddam also did when MEK were in Iraq. The Interior Ministry of Albania does not have any trace of names of MEK members in your country, yet every Albanian embassy has a list of names of the families who are subject to this ban. The eleven thousand plus signatories to the petition demand that visas are granted to enable families to travel to Albania where they can directly help their loved ones.

We will continue our campaigns and activities as long as these demands are not met.


Attached please find a copy of over 11,000 signatures

Yaran Association, Paris, Translated by Iran Interlink

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