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Women Association Meet Official of the Albanian Embassy

On December18, 2015 members of Women Association visited an Albanian official in the country’s Embassy in Berlin.

Members of Women Association described their bitter experiences of their long-time imprisonment in the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO). They also recounted how they were released from the group.

Then, they raised the following issues to enlighten the Albanian authority:

Warning on the presence and activities of the cult of Rajavi (the MKO) in the Albanian territory considering their true nature as a sect.
Concern of families whose loved ones are taken as hostages in the group; they have not had the least information on the situation of their loved ones for many years; and even after their relocation to Europe, the leadership of the group continues this inhumane policy.
Submitting a list of suffering families together with their photos and identities.
Members of the Association warned that the relocated ones in Albania are kept under a severe controlling system that forbids them from having free access to the Internet, mobile and media. They are not allowed to get married. They have to obey all orders by the leaders. In case of necessity, members are made to commit sabotage in line with the group’s aims.

Women Association presented pictures and brochures on the organized self-immolation operations that brainwashed members of the group committed in Europe in 2003, following the arrest of Maryam Rajavi by the French Police.

They advised the Albanian official that the MKO is the obstacle between its members and the governmental and international authorities so practically members are not authorized to take any action for their future. The group tries to keep them isolated and dependent on the organization. This way, it can have more control over them and unfortunately the Albanian government do not care about this issue.

Women Association demanded the followings from Albanian Ambassador and eventually Albanian state:

Providing the possibility for families to contact their relatives without intervention of the group officials.
Recognizing of all members as refugees
Providing independent journalists and reporters with an opportunity to visit members of the cult.
Control and supervision of the Albanian State over the activities of the group as a cult that was listed as a terrorist organization until recently, considering the fact that the group believes in armed struggle and violence.

Iran Women [Iran-Zanan] Association,Translated by Nejat Society

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