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Open letter from Setaregan Association to former Albanian PM

Open letter from Setaregan Association to Pandeli Majko ( Albanian Prime Minister 1999 – 2002)

Dear Mr Pandeli Majko,

With respect.

Setaregan Association are a group of ex members of the Rajavi cult (Mojahedin Khalq, MEK), who have been working in that cult for many years. Hence we have exclusive first hand experience and information from the inside. We have been informed that unfortunately you have been used by the cult which, as usual, has provided you with false information in order to use your good name and reputation. We feel that at this point we should pass some of our knowledge and experience to your good self so that you would be a bit more familiar with the real nature of this cult and rescue your reputation by distancing yourself from this dangerous and inhumane group as soon as possible.

1 – Rajavi cult (Massoud and Maryam Rajavi) has two completely different faces. In the EU and US they are behaving like a chameleon and hide their true nature. For example, Mrs Rajavi pretends that she is leading a struggle against dictatorship. In reality, we have experienced ourselves that Massoud and Maryam Rajavi are nothing other than brutal dictators themselves.

2 – Someone who does not allow the smallest basic freedoms inside their organisation cannot claim to be struggling for freedom, can they? The Rajavis in this cult forced us to separate from our spouses. Massoud Rajavi banned any love except total love for the cult leaders, i.e. Massoud and Maryam. Any other relationship would be considered a serious crime. We were forcefully separated from our children and were told to forget them alongside our other family members. We were told that we are not allowed to even think or dream about them. Thinking about our family was a crime for which we would be brought up before an internal court and sentenced to imprisonment on the charges of betraying the leadership. Any prisoners who would still refuse to sacrifice their family for Massoud and Maryam would disappear or some would be tortured in front of others. Many of the witnesses who have managed to survive are ready to testify to this if needed. Would these people refrain from torturing and executing people if they come to power when they are already committing these crimes when they are not in power?

3 – There was strict segregation in their camps to the point that men and women were not even allowed to say hello to each other. Saying hello would be considered a crime for which you would be taken to court. Women were forced to wear strict hijab and had no right to choose anything. Many women have undergone forced hysterectomy in order to deprive them of any hope of a normal life and give them more reason to stay with the cult. Men were ordered give up their responsibilities so that women could replace them. Massoud Rajavi believes that he can more easily exert power over women. He believed, rightly or wrongly, that men would resist his inhuman orders and wouldn’t carry out these orders as obediently as women. He would tell women that “you are a bunch of useless people who were only good for looking after children, but now I have empowered you and given you responsibilities. You have nothing from yourselves and, if not because of me, you will again be nothing and you can only survive if you obey 100 percent every order I give you.” He would oblige women to carry out orders without question. Women were afraid of him and would not ask any questions. This is what he would call “taking responsibility”, and what he was expecting from women. This is what Maryam Rajavi means when she talks about “equality of men and women” (both submitting completely). Is this what the people of Iran want and should wait for?

4 – In the Rajavi cult, working to death is carried out in order to stop people from thinking and to keep them busy. There is of course no pay, even though during the rule of Saddam the Rajavis were getting paid lavishly for every one of us every month. Saddam would even give them a share of Iraq’s oil sales for every member they had. This money was never passed to the people and stayed in Rajavis accounts. I don’t know what is your perception of slavery, but this is what we experienced there. People whose fathers, mothers, spouses, children … have been taken away by force, they have no right to even think about anything and are engaged in forced hard labour in the heat and the cold. Really! What is your perception of slavery?

5 – Criticising the leader was equal to signing your own execution order. Criticising the leadership cadre and higher ranks were strictly forbidden and would be met with a crushing response. This of course extended to the National Council of Resistance as well. In the NCRI, the Rajavis label any critic as a mercenary and hence attack and character assassinate and dismiss them. Is this what Maryam Rajavi’s version of “freedom of speech” is, and is this what they are promising for the future of Iran?

6 – In this oppressive cult, people are constantly under pressure and criticism. It is like North Korea where everyone has to feel in debt to the leader every second of their lives. They should wait every day for their turn to sacrifice their lives in order the satisfy the leader. They should be ashamed of themselves for every day that they are alive and believe they would only satisfy the leader and become acceptable when they give their lives and become martyrs. We were forced every day to confess that we are causes of shame for the leader, etc. Does this not remind you of the Inquisition? Maryam Rajavi claimed that she would only rule for 6 months after they take over and then it is the people who would decide. In this case, why is Maryam Rajavi insisting on calling herself the President for the last couple of decades? In the last two decades, why has she not allowed the members to choose another head?

Anyone who has survived the cult has a few books to write about this cult. We are just mentioning some of this knowledge in passing with the hope that you would be encouraged to undertake your own independent investigation into this issue. Every one of us, the ex members and survivors, are of course more than happy to meet you personally and explain our experiences and provide you with documents and evidence. You will then see that why it is that the people of Iran and Iraq, and even the Iranians and Iraqis in Europe, hate this cult.

We urge you again to investigate deeper and distance yourself from this inhuman cult before any damage had been done to your dignity and integrity, especially with the people of Albania.

Yours faithfully,

Nassrin Ebrahimi

Mirbagher Sedaghi

Mehdi Nikbakht

Setaregan Association, Switzerland

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