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Open Letter of Iran Pen Association to Mr. Struan Stevenson MEP

To The Honorable Mr. Struan Stevenson MEP and President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for

Relations with Iraq,

Recently in MEK / PMOI related websites there was a statement published in your name in which you expressed concern about the situation of Iraqi people as well as the undemocratic Iraqi Elections and the interference of Iranian Regime in that country.

Iran Pen Association consists of former MEK/PMOI cadres each with more than 20 years of membership in MEK, who have been critical of this organization and also campaign as human rights activists in western countries. In regards to the related statement to you, we would like to bring the following to your attention:

1. You express concern for the elections in Iraq and lack of democracy in that country, while you have been lobbying for and supporting an undemocratic cult, i.e. MEK/PMOI and repetitively relay the dictated rhetorics of this cult in your statement published in MEK websites.

2. In a grave contradiction to your concerns about democracy in Iraq, you ask the US Government to step in and interfere in the Iraqi elections and its outcome.

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

We believe that whatever the result of the Iraqi elections may be, it is the internal affair and destiny of the Iraqi people and Iraqi political parties to decide for themselves. How, in your mind, the US interference in another country and specifically in the elections of another country can result in democracy in that country that you want US to meddle in the Iraqi elections?

Mr. President,

In our opinion your statement has been word by word and directly dictated by the MEK/PMOI cult. It has been written with specific political objectives that represent MEK/PMOI’s intensions to meddle further more in political arena of Iraq. The MEK/PMOI plans for a pro-MEK government in Iraq to take office so that this Cult can remain in Iraqi soil and at the same time continue the rule of suppression on its forces in Camp Liberty in Baghdad.

Dear Sir,

While you have been even more fanatic and radical to support this Cult than its members and keep relaying MEK’s rehtorics against Iraq and the government of Nuri Al-Maleki, we challenge you to answer our questions below in a written statement:

a. Are you aware of the grave violations of human rights committed by MEK/PMOI leaders inside the MEK/PMOI, including in Camp Liberty? Do you know that children under the age of 18 have been recruited and used in military operations by MEK/PMOI? Have you heard that MEK/PMOI members are forbidden to contact or meet their families for many years? Haven’t you heard and read reports of the abuse of women members in MEK/PMOI, including sexual harassments, women being forced to divorce their husbands, children being forcibly separated from their parents?

b. Are you not aware that there is absolutely no democracy in MEK/PMOI and that there is systematic suppression of members with a widespread censorship throughout this Cult?

c. Don’t you know of MEK/PMOI’s money laundering network in the west?

d. Have you no knowledge that MEK/PMOI were mercenaries of Saddam Husain and that its forces participated in many operations against the Iraqi Kurds and against the Shiie in south of Iraq in the 1990’s and against the Iranian soldiers during Iran-Iraq war?

e. Do you not know anything about MEK/PMOI terrorist activities inside Iran during Saddam Husain’s era, including mortar attacks on civilian targets in Iran which resulted in the loss of many civilian’s lives?

f. Are you not aware of MEK/PMOI interference and meddling in internal affairs of Iraqis and the political arena of the country in post-Saddam Iraq? Do you know that one of the main reasons for attacks against Camps Ashraf and Liberty in Iraq which have resulted in many deaths and casualties is due to the meddling and agitation by MEK/PMOI in Iraq?

g. Have you no knowledge of the systematic brain wash and mind manipulation practices that the members of the Cult are subjected to and have you never read reports of such practices by the leaders? Do you not know of horrific limitations imposed on the members of this Cult and that no one has the right to decide his or her destiny in MEK/PMOI?

And finally, Mr. Stevenson; while you are so concerned about democracy in Iraq, we ask you to use your conscience and also be worried about the abolition of democracy and human rights in this Cult of MEK/PMOI and stop supporting and lobbying for such a decadent cult. Instead we urge you to worry for the destiny and plight of the captive people in Camp Liberty and try hard for their liberty and exit from the insecure and volatile circumstances in Iraq.


Iran Pen Association

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