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Iran Women Association took action to denounce Rajavi

Members of Iran Zanan Association took action to denounce leaders of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization in Koln, Germany.

On Sunday November 7th, 2015 these former female members of the MKO took an action in front of Dame Church in down town, Koln.

Ms. Batoul Soltani, Ms. Zahra Moini and Ms. Homeira Mohammad Nezhad condemned the deadly attack on Camp Liberty residents in Iraq. They condemned the leaders of the Cult for negligence to take proper actions to relocate the residents of the camp in a safe place.

They called on international community to engage for the immediate relocation of the residents. Former members of the cult of Rajavi asked the UN, Red Cross and other human rights bodies to put pressure on the leadership of the group to get engaged for the release of the residents who have been taken as hostages.

While the three female ex-members of the Cult of Rajavi could gain the attention of Koln citizens, a few agents of the cult tried to launch an organized propaganda to whitewash the leaders of the group and to distract public opinion from the main culpable of the incident.

By the way, the action lasted for hours. Attendees handed out brochures on the true nature of the MKO that was welcomed by citizens.

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